Why Women Over 40 Travel More Than Ever

There are many elements of life that take a whole new turn for women over 40, travel being a prime example. Writes Sam Cockayne.

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There are many elements of life that take a whole new turn for women over 40, travel being a prime example. Although many of us have done some travelling by the time we reach our 40s, the breadth and quality of our adventures is often limited by finances and circumstances. 

Holidays in our 20s were generally arranged on the tightest budget — usually with the nightlife costing more than the hotel and flights combined. Often these trips were all about the social scene — the exact opposite of a relaxing break.

Our 30s inevitably tend to focus more on practicalities — new mortgages immediately restrict ‘frivolous’ outgoings, the addition of small children limits the kinds of destinations available, and the ascent up the career ladder can also make holidays less of a priority.

But the good news is, once we reach our 40s, the holiday fun really starts.

Me, Me, Me Time

Women only travel
Women over 40 travel – discover some me time

Many women find that they experience a new surge of wanderlust when they reach 40. Children are growing up and becoming more independent, careers and finances are generally more stable and it finally feels like time to focus on Number One. Suddenly the world really is our oyster and the possibilities are endless.

Travelling Solo

After years of chaotic family holidays, some women choose to invest in some quality time for themselves. This could involve a spa holiday or a visit to a yoga retreat to regenerate and practice wellbeing for a week or two.

It’s also common for women to indulge in personal hobbies or interests which their partners or friends may not share. This might be a sporting activity such as sailing or climbing, visiting a landmark of personal interest, or even volunteering for a specific cause.

Women over 55 top the solo travel charts.

Women only travel
Join an activity-based holiday like sailing
Old Enough to Know Better, Young Enough Not to Care

There’s no better time than your 40s to start ticking off that bucket list. Always wanted to jump out of a plane or swim with dolphins? Now’s your chance. Again, finances and more freedom make it much easier to realise dreams and ambitions and there are many reputable travel companies that specialise in ‘experience’ trips.

Follow Emma Levine on her Albania Travel off the Rails.

Starting Over

Our 40s are a prime time for taking stock of our lives and re-evaluating circumstances that we may have outgrown. It’s when many couples choose to go their separate ways, especially those who may have settled down young and subsequently drifted apart.

Travelling solo can be extremely liberating if you’ve just exited a long-term relationship. Time away from ‘reality’ can be great for getting some mental clarity and determining exactly what you want out of life.

Holidays are also a great way to meet other like-minded people, especially if you’re on a specialist trip or visiting significant landmarks. Participating in an activity-based holiday can often forge lifelong friendships due to the uniqueness of the shared experience.

Safely Does It

adventurous adventure travel
Travelling can be as safe as you make it

Travelling to far-flung places and stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean you have to expose yourself to danger. Many cruises and package holidays incorporate trips with experienced tour guides into their itinerary, allowing you to safely see as much or as little of the world as you wish.

Even if you prefer to travel independently there are still plenty of resources available to help make sure you can fully immerse yourself in a country or culture while still remaining safe.

Girl Power Rocks — Whatever Your Age

It’s not just the women who are making significant life changes, realising long-held dreams or craving a change from the norm who will benefit from a girls-only holiday. Whether you’re reliving the holidays of your 20s with your oldest friends or making memories with new ones, there’s nothing like a girlie break to rejuvenate the soul.

Women Over 40 Travel Ideas

Increasingly tour operators are offering women only travel groups. Click here for some Women over 40 travel inspiration.  

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