Siem Reap city in northern Cambodia is the gateway to the Angkor temple complex. While recent years has seen tourism in Siem Reap increase from two million in 2008 to over six million a decade later, there is still a timeless quality to the place as evidenced by these black and white images of Siem Reap city and its people.

Popular for both international and domestic visitors, Angkor Wat is a key part of the religious and cultural heritage of the whole region. It is the largest religious structure in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. These days Siem Reap tourism is booming with millions of tourists passing through the city only a few miles from the ancient stone temples.

This series of candid images of Siem Reap City by Joe Ogden depicts daily life around the old market area. From ageing shop owners to food vendors, tuk tuk drivers and those just watching the world go by.

Images of Siem Reap City

Despite the advent of selfie-man, the people of Siem Reap city go about their daily life as they have done for years. This woman is seen sitting by the roadside selling eggs boiled over a charcoal burner.

Images of Siem Reap City

Fresh fruit is also popular. This woman is taking time out from selling custard apples to make a most important phone call, possibly complaining about a lack of customers judging by her still full basket.

Silverware, statues and other trinkets have proved increasingly popular since the increase in tourism, but this does not prevent time for a favourite national pastime, solitary flip-flop people watching.

Only rich Cambodians can afford a car, but most can dream of buying a Honda. The streets of Siem Reap are full of motorbikes, but they also make for excellent place to ponder.

A customer waiting for his driver to return, or a tuk tuk driver waiting for his next customer? We shall never know. Although perhaps he is sending a love message to the young woman across the street. Will she respond?

Lost in the swathe of parked motorbikes, this young man reads advertising material for a local TV station.

This man decides that enough is enough, leaving Siem Reap market to return home at the end of another day.

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