Travelling through El Salvador and Honduras, Mark Bibby Jackson became bewitched with the beauty of the former banana exporting towns of La Ceiba and Tela. These images of Honduras reflect how current life is affected by the country’s past.

The Lancetilla Botanical Garden was built as a research centre by Dr Wilson Popenoe in 1925 to develop new species of banana and plantain for the United Fruit company. Now it is one of the largest botanical gardens in the planet. Some of the original buildings remain.

The gardens contain more than 2,890 different species, including these glorious Royal Palms, which is the national plant of Cuba.

One of the houses at Tela, Honduras

A home for some of the workers and researchers at the Lancetilla Botanical Garden in neighbouring Tela, appropriately coloured yellow.

Railway station at Tela, Honduras

The financial headquarters building for the Tela Railroad Company from 1918 until 1977 when the company relocated its headquarters to La Lima. It is now a museum.

pier at La Ceiba

The pier at La Ceiba. It used to measure 1,000 metres in length, but now only a part of it remains. At its peak bananas were transported from here all around the globe. At the time La Ceiba was the richest city in Honduras.

Now it is used by local fishermen.

A young man ponders his next catch.

Catching supper at La Ceiba pier

Eventually, a fish is caught, perhaps to the amazement of an onlooker …

The day's catch

… and the catch – two jack fish.

La Ceiba Honduras

The promenade at La Ceiba with a mural reflecting the country’s mixed past. Murals like these are a common feature across Central America.

Dancers at La Ceiba Honduras

Young boys and girls in La Ceiba entertain us with traditional dance routines while their elders watch on.

A couple of young dancers at La Ceiba

Is this the future of the country? A couple of the young dancers pose for the camera after their performance.

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