5 Tips To Travel Luxuriously On A Budget

Everyone wants to experience luxury on travel. However, the word luxury is also associated with spending more than the ordinary traveller.

Luxury Travel

Everyone wants to experience luxury on travel. However, the word luxury is also associated with spending more than the ordinary traveller. The good news is that there are many ways to travel luxuriously, even when your budget is limited.

So, check out the following tips and see how this will be made possible.

Make bookings in advance to travel luxuriously

Advance booking greatly reduces the stress from travelling. Not to mention that it also increases your chances of being able to save on your travel expenses. If you’d be traveling to Oakland, San Diego, Atlanta and San Francisco from Fort Lauderdale you can certainly find accessible and affordable parking rates especially if you’d do your research ahead of your travel schedule.

Booking in advance for a parking space at Fort Lauderdale International Airport Parking is a must if you want to save on your parking fees. When you do it in advance, you will have plenty of time to compare prices as well as parking locations. The same thing is true when you’re booking a flight in advance. If you will be able to save costs on parking fees and airfare, you will have more money to spend on shopping, meals and sightseeing.

Know your purpose of travel before making reservations

Central America Travel
Drifting in the Caribbean

If you are planning to travel to the Caribbean, chances are you will find yourself enjoying the resort. So, if this is something that you’re looking forward to doing on your trip to a Caribbean island, you may opt to splurge on a luxury hotel or a luxury villa. But, if you plan to travel to the city of Paris it is best to spend more on shopping and dining than paying for a luxury hotel.

Be wise about making reservations and only spend a lot on something that you will surely enjoy all throughout your holiday time. Consider downloading an app that alerts you for any promos regarding hotel, airfare and even tourist attractions.

Maximize the use of points and miles

Travelling luxuriously on a budget is definitely possible especially if you take advantage of the points and miles you’ve been able to save from all your past travels. Today, frequent flyer programmes have turned out to be programmed for serious spenders. Use your points and miles so you can travel first-class without the need to shell out a lot of money. Fortunately, frequent flyer miles not only give you free flights. But, it also provides you with many other travel perks.

You may not be able to experience luxury in all aspects of your holiday, but by knowing your priorities and where to better spend your miles and points, you certainly can travel luxuriously while on a budget. To be able to enjoy these frequent flyer perks, consider using the same airlines every time you travel. Keep in mind as well that points earned do expire if you become less active for a certain period of time.

Travel during off-peak season

Some travel destinations are indeed expensive during summer and this incldes Europe. So, if you plan to visit Europe, better do it at least a month away from the summertime. This goes to say that when you want to travel luxuriously on a budget, you have to be flexible with your travel dates. And, if you’re very diligent at research you will be able to travel to luxurious locations at a fraction of the cost compared to visiting the place on peak season.

Besides, when you’re traveling off-season, you will not only enjoy fewer crowds, but you can also experience better service, better security and cheaper fees on attractions. Not to mention better photos that you can post on your Instagram account.

Take advantage of your credit card perks

This would largely depend on the type of credit card you have. Some credit card companies offer three points for every dollar that the card owner spends on travel. Once you have accumulated enough points, you may use it like cash which you may spend on your next trip. Other credit card companies also offer first-class airfare once every year. So, if you are a credit card holder it is best to redeem major points only when you plan to go on a vacation somewhere else. Always ask your credit card company about the travel perks that they offer. Check out this beginners guide to miles and points if you want to learn more.

There are also travel cards that offer built-in benefits whenever you’re traveling. Some of these benefits include rental car insurance, ridesharing credits, travel insurance, and free checked bags. There are also credit cards that allow you to pile up points and keep them from expiring for as long as you sign up to their frequent flyer’s dining programme. So, whenever you eat in that restaurant, you earn points at the same time.

Another good way to pile up points and keep them from expiring is to link your credit card to a frequent flyer plan’s dining programme, Kelly notes. When you charge a meal on that card at a participating restaurant, you’ll earn points based on the size of the tab.

Luxurious travel is not just about the destination. It is more of how you experience the things around you while you’re in your travel destination. And, coupled with wise tips mentioned above, luxurious travel would no longer remain just a distant dream.

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