With increasing awareness of responsible tourism and the emboldened campaign against single-use plastic around the world intensifying, Travel Begins at 40 has taken a look at three of the best reusable water bottles on the market, as well as one jug.

Best Reusable Water Bottles: Ion8 Friends of the Earth

reuseable water bottleIon8 has worked with environmental campaigning organisation Friends of the Earth to produce this slick stainless steel water bottle. It comes in two designs – sunset surfer and seal snorkeller – with the campaign message ‘End Plastic Pollution’ imprinted over ocean scenes, to reinforce the point of the damage caused by plastic in our oceans. As Friends of the Earth states:

“One million plastic bottles are bought worldwide every minute and only 9% of plastic has ever been recycled. 12 million tonnes of plastic pour into our oceans every year.”

The bottles are 100% leak-proof and fitted with a ridged cap that makes it easy to open. The flask keeps drink either hot for 24 hours or cold for 48 hours. Better still 25% of profits go to Friends of the Earth campaign.

Travel Begins at 40 verdict

Excellent bottle and wonderful cause, but doesn’t filter water.

The Sunset Surfer Ion8 Friends of the Earth 500ml Insulated Bottle costs £24.99 from Leakproof.co.uk

Best Reusable Water Bottles: Water-to-Go

water to go reuseable water bottles

While the Ion8 Friends of the Earth bottle is excellent for carrying safe water around with you – and demonstrating where you ethically stand on the issue of single-use plastics, it does not purify the water. So, if you are travelling to a place where there is a lack of clean local water you might have to resort to buying local plastic bottles.

This is where the Water-to-Go filter water bottle comes in hand with its 3-in-1 water filter technology developed by NASA. The bottle’s filter uses three technologies – mechanical filtration, electrical charge and activated carbon – to remove 99.99% of all microbiological contaminants in water, claims the company.

The easy-to-fit filters last for 200 litres for a 75ml bottle, or approximately three months of constant use. If you register your filter on the website then the company will inform you when the filter is about to expire.

Travel Begins at 40 verdict

Easy to use and immediate – these bottles are excellent in ensuring you have clean water anywhere. The only slight downside is that the bottles are themselves made of plastic – though clearly not single-use – and do not preserve the water’s temperature as well as the Friends of the Earth bottles. Of course, you can use them as filters and then decant to the Ion8 for your trip around town.

Water-to-Go 75cl bottle £27.99. Filter £19.99.

Best Reusable Water Bottles: LifeSaver Liberty

Liberty BottleLike the Water-to-go reusable water bottle brand, the LifeSaver Liberty filters 99.99% of bacteria and contaminants from water.

However, if you are concerned whether your filter is still working properly then our third reusable water bottle has the solution. The Liberty water bottle filter is fitted with FailSafe technology. This means that when the filter needs replacing it won’t let any more water through, so there’s no risk of drinking contaminated water when using the bottle.

The LifeSaver filter can process 2,000 litres of water before it needs replacing – that’s almost three years of water if you stick to the recommended two litres a day. It also has a inline pump that allows you to drink your water without sucking.

Travel Begins at 40 verdict

This really is the daddy of water bottles, although we found it tricky to use initially. Also, at £124.99, you might just prefer a cheaper option, especially if you are only go on an Istanbul city break.

LifeSaver Liberty £124.99 from www.iconlifesaver.com.

Best Water Jug : ZeroWater 12 Cup Filtration Jug

water jugWe conclude our analysis of the best reusable water bottles with the ZeroWater 12 Cup Filtration Jug.

Why take a jug with you on holiday? Well, you probably won’t especially with great portable water filtering options like Water-to-Go and LifeSaver Liberty available. But the battle against plastic pollution is not one solely waged on your travels.

The ZeroWater jug will permit you to reduce your plastic bottle consumption at home, while at the same time improving the quality of your tap water, if, like us, you live in a heavy water area.

Claiming to be the only brand that removes 99.6% of all tap water impurities, ZeroWater uses a premium five stage Ion Exchange Technology as opposed to a carbon-only water filter. It also comes with a handy meter which allows you to check how pure your water is – both before and after the filter.

Travel Begins at 40 verdict

We use it!

ZeroWater 12 Cup Filtration Jug, £39.99 from ZeroWater.