Must-visit Travel Destinations for Sports Lovers

Below are some of the best travel destinations that are a must-visit for any sports lover in the world, once the coronovirus COVID-19 is beaten..

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Many people believe that sports can break all barriers existing between countries. It is a fine lens through which you can look and understand people much better. And when the love of sport combines with a passion for travelling, the result is plenty of excitement and fun.

Although travelling is not a safe option at the moment due to the impact of coronavirus COVID-19, it does no harm to plan for a virus-free future. Below are some of the best travel destinations that are a must-visit for all sports lovers in the world.

Barcelona, Spain

Widely known across the world for football (soccer), Barcelona gets millions of travellers from all over Spain and world, who travel to the city to witness La Liga football matches in the Camp Nou Stadium each year.

Witnessing Barca play first hand is an experience in itself. There are also various sports museums focused on football that can be visited in the city. It’s an ideal destination for any diehard football fan who’d like to watch classic football matches or even place wagers on them through both old and new bookmakers. Please note, football isn’t the only sport in Barcelona. Catalans love their equestrian events, athletics, tennis, hockey and Formula 1 as well. You’ll see sports bars all over the city where fans can enjoy their favourite events.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan and baseball go a long way back. In fact, whenever anyone talks about baseball, Japan and US are the two countries that immediately spring to the mind. Despite the fact that baseball started in New York, the Japanese enjoy it to the fullest. Traditional Japanese sports include martial arts and sumo wrestling. Combine these with Western influences to create just the right mix for the sports lovers.

London, UK

Although football is the most popular sport in the UK, including London, with as many as a dozen professional football clubs in the city itself, cricket is another well-known sport that Brits are passionate about, both playing and watching. The country was host to the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019 which England won beating New Zealand in a closely contested final. Lord’s Cricket Ground is the home of cricket, so London is a city that every cricket lover must experience once in their lifetime. London is also the centre of the tennis world for a fortnight in June and July each year, with the Wimbledon tennis championship. In addition, Ascot and Epsom Down are venues for some of the world’s most renowned horse races.

New York, USA

New Yorkers are crazy about NFL and American football overall. You’ll see football teams at every university and college. The city comes alive with football during the Super Bowl – the NFL championship game held each year – which offers an exhilarating experience for every American football lover. Not just football, there is something in New York for every sports lover. The city hosts the US Open tennis grand slam in the month of June and the NBA league starts October.

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