8 Simple Ways for Eco-Friendly Travel

In the post-COVID19 world everything will change, which is why it is more important than ever to follow the best eco-friendly travel practices.

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In the post-COVID19 world everything will change, which is why it is more important than ever to follow the best eco-friendly travel practices.

Are you ready to plan your next travel adventure but want to be friendly to the environment as well? It can often be conflicting as travel causes waste and destruction along the way. There are, however, simple steps you can take to lessen the effect your travel will have on the environment.

Consider practicing the following eight easy ways to be more eco-friendly on your next travel adventure.

Seek Out Eco-Friendly Flights

While flying is generally not recommended if your goal is to be friendly to the environment, many times it is unavoidable. If you find you must fly to your chosen travel destination, seek out airlines that, in some way, are eco-friendly. For example, according to the International Council on Clean Transportation, Norwegian Air is at the top of the list for fuel-efficiency. Several airlines also offer carbon offset programmes, including United, Delta, and United Emirates. You can also, read our guide to carbon offsetting.

Use Public Transportation

Once you arrive at your travel destination, seek out the public transportation options that are available. Many locations have subways, busses, trams, trolleys and even ferries. Also, look for bicycle rentals to get around town. Avoid taxis and rental cars whenever possible. By doing so, you will be helping to lower carbon emissions in the environment.

Forgo Plastic for a Reusable Personal Water Bottle

We all know the plight of plastic in the environment. Avoid contributing to this by foregoing plastic water bottles and taking a reusable water bottle with you on your next trip. Since water isn’t safe to drink in many parts of the world, make it a reusable personal water filter bottle. For more on this particular topic, be sure to read this article.

Carry Your Own Reusable Bag

As you shop around during your eco-friendly travels, whether for snacks or souvenirs, be sure to take along your own reusable bag to carry your purchases in. This can be in the form of a backpack or nylon tote bag brought from home. This may seem like a small measure to take in protecting the environment, but if we all do this, we can prevent more plastic bags from clogging up landfills and waterways.

Consume Locally Sourced Food and Drinks

Who doesn’t love to eat the local food and drink the local beers when travelling? Not only do they taste good and provide a unique experience, but you are also helping the environment. Local goods require less transport costs, thereby decreasing the levels of carbon emissions. Try avoiding global chains as they often import food from distant locations.

Carry Reusable Camping Utensils

Speaking of local food, to avoid using numerous plastic forks, camping knives, and spoons when you purchase street food or other choices, carry a camping utensil set. These inexpensive utensils will lessen the need for more throwaway plastic. You may also want to bring your own set of reusable chopsticks if you’re in a part of the world that uses those more frequently.

Choose Eco-Friendly Travel Companies


If you’re travelling with a tour group, choose one that offers small group tours, which will have a lesser impact on the environment. Also, look for tour operators who are eco-friendly in their practices, including accommodation and travel selections. Learn all you can about the tour companies in your chosen travel destination and choose the ones that are most serious about protecting the environment.

Shop Eco-Wisely

Whether you want to take back several souvenirs for friends and family, or a reminder for yourself, be sure to shop eco-wisely. While that tortoise-shell is absolutely beautiful, avoid contributing to a vendor or individual who engages in making products from endangered species. Also, consider choosing practical gifts of consumables or other usable items to avoid clutter, which one day may be tossed in the trash.

There are many opportunities to practice eco-friendly ways in your travels. While packing your own reusable personal water filter bottle, utensils, and reusable bag may seem like small measures to take, they add up greatly when everyone does them. These, in addition to working with eco-friendly travel providers and tour companies, as well as eating locally, can make a tremendous difference in our environment today and make a sustainable living for the future generations.

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