Future of Myanmar Travel Post-COVID19 Podcast

Welcome to the third Travel Begins at 40 podcast where Mark Bibby Jackson discusses Myanmar Travel post-COVID19 with responsible tourism planner Mike Haynes.

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Welcome to the third Travel Begins at 40 podcast. In it we will discuss the future of Myanmar Travel post-COVID19.

I’m Mark Bibby Jackson, one of the founders of the website as well as a journalist who lived in Southeast Asia for more than a decade, during which time one of my proudest moments was training a bunch of Myanmar journalists for the Sasakawa Foundation in Yangon while seconded to the Myanmar Times.

Chatting with me on this podcast is my friend and co-former-VSO volunteer Mike Haynes.

Listen to our Future of Myanmar Travel Podcast here:

Mike Haynes future of Myanmar Travel
Mike Haynes at the Inle Hospitality Vocational Training Centre

Mike’s been working on tourism planning from the heritage management perspective for coming up to 20 years, and been based in Southeast Asia since 2003, and Myanmar from 2013. He lives in beautiful Inle where he’s been working on Destination Management Planning for seven years now, and has seen the ups and downs, and the controversies of tourism in Myanmar since then.

In today’s podcast we will discuss the future of Myanmar travel – post COVID 19.

Mike provides some guidance to those people considering whether to got to the Southeast Asian country on holiday and how to ensure that their Myanmar travel is both beneficial to the local population as well as being rewarding.

For more on the ethics of travelling to countries such as Myanmar, read Johan Smits’ Ethical Travel Dilemma : To Boycott or Not to Boycott.

We also dicuss the future direction of Myanmar travel including whether the country could become part of a COVID19-free corridor with neighbouring countries Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Fisherman at sunrise, Inle Lake, Myanmar

In this Travel Begins at 40 podcast we mention a couple of initiatives that Mike is curently working on. For further information on these you can visit the following websites:

The Myanmar Responsible Tourism Intiative

The Myanmar Responsible Tourism Awards.

Click on the following links if you want to listen to our first two Travel Begins at 40 podcasts (both with Lonely Planet travel writer Nick Ray), on

Cambodia and the Coronavirus

Cambodia Travel Tales: Past, Present and Future.

Looking to get off the beaten track in Myanmar, read Keith Lyon’s Mergui Archipelago : Paradise Rediscovered.

For more information about safe travel in Myanmar, visit the UK Government’s current travel advice for Myanmar.

Mark Bibby Jackson

Mark Bibby Jackson

Before setting up Travel Begins at 40, Mark was the publisher of AsiaLIFE Cambodia and a freelance travel writer. When he is not packing and unpacking his travelling bag, Mark writes novels, including To Cook A Spider and Peppered Justice. He loves walking, eating, tasting beer, isolation and arthouse movies, as well as talking to strangers on planes, buses and trains whenever possible. Most at home when not at home.

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