New technology is changing the world drastically, and not just within the workplace. Now there are healthier alternatives to hazardous habits. With the adverse health effects of smoking well known, in recent years vaping or e-cigarette has become an effective alternative to traditional smoking. But what are the restirictions on vaping while travelling?

In the last decade, many people and even some celebrities have considered using vape devices rather than tobacco cigarettes. Several countries have legalised seeing the potential of electronic cigarettes over conventional ones. People can easily buy e-cig from a vape shop online. However, if you prefer vaping regularly and you are an avid traveller then, you need to consider various important things regarding vaping while travelling.

Not all countries have soft eyes towards electronic cigarettes and vape devices. Even vaping is considered to be a healthier alternative to conventional smoking especially e-liquids used in the vaporisers, many nations have not embraced it completely. In some places, it is completely prohibited and possession of vape pens can get you in trouble, while some countries have legalised vaping with certain things.

Things to Consider When You Wish to Fly with Vaping

Check out the regulations on vaping while travelling.
Check out the regulations on vaping while travelling.

Each nation has different policies regarding vaping, so it is essential to check the general rules about vaping in your destined country before packing an e-cig in your bag. Airlines also have a different approach to carrying such devices so, look into that as well.

Generally, electronic cigarettes or vape pens should be disclosed at the airport and must be carried in hand luggage. They are not allowed to be packed luggage.

Because vape pens and e-cigs can leak at high pressure at altitude, they must be kept safely.

Many experts suggest taking out the battery or at least turning off your device while on board.

Along with e-cigarettes and vape devices, vape juices should also be carried in hand luggage.

Countries Where Vaping is Prohibited

Different countries have different rules and travellers have to act accordingly. If you are a hardcore vaping user or you are using vaping to avoid smoking, and planning a trip to other countries then these countries have very strict eyes against vaping.

Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Singapore and Thailand are countries where vaping is prohibited. You can get in trouble if you possess such things. Possession of vape pens or e-cigs may land you in jail or some hefty penalty if you are travelling in Singapore or Thailand. They must not be found at the airport so don’t ever pack when you are travelling here. UAE allows travellers to remove vape products at the airport.

Vaping Is Legal with Terms in These Countries

There are many places where you can travel, but with some conditions. Using vape pens is not illegal but the selling of vape products is illegal in Turkey and Egypt. While travelling to Australia, you have to possess a medical certificate to carry e-cigs. Along with Australia, South Africa, Japan and Portugal have rules that e-liquids used in the vaporisers must not contain nicotine.

In America, the federal government doesn’t have any rules on the prohibition of using vape devices. However, each state in the USA has different rules so, you need to check the rules of the state you are travelling to. Malaysia also has the same rules as the USA.