10 Places to Visit in the Philippines in 2021

If you are planning on visiting the Philippines in 2021, and here are 10 destinations you must include in your itinerary. Failing to do so would take away from the enjoyment of your trip.

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If you are planning on visiting the Philippines in 2021, and here are 10 destinations you must include in your itinerary. Failing to do so would take away from the enjoyment of your trip.

Ten Places You Must Visit When Travelling to the Philippines in 2021

Asia has become an extremely popular destination for tourists because of its exotic cultures, natural beauty and magnificent history. It is a region that has captured the imagination of people from across the globe.

The Philippines is one of those great destinations that tourists are finding to be a must visit location. It has everything a tourist would want, including fantastic activities and, now that the fears of the pandemic are subsiding, people are beginning to travel to this Southeast Asian paradise. If you are planning to make a trip to the Philippines in 2021, here are 10 places you must visit.

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Bohol Island
Chocolate Hills of Bohol
Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Bohol island is a fantastic place to visit, because locals have been actively working to ensure that it keeps its natural beauty and charm. Despite the advent of tourism they have done a great job of maintaining the beauty and natural appearance of this spectacular island. The sunsets here are spectacular, and you will love spending the day at the beach or out walking through the Bohol Chocolate Hills. There is a beautiful resort here as well.


Take the boat to Siargo

If you have never been to the Philippines before, then this is one place you must visit. It is considered the best surf location in Asia, and this island was declared the “best island in the world” back in 2018. There is a lot to love about Siargao, starting with the spectacular beaches, beautiful lagoons, and the natural beauty. Plus, it attracts people from across the globe as well as locals. You will love visiting here for sure.


One of the things you are going to find about the Philippines is that several locations have earned accolades as the “best” place to go. Boracay is one such destination, as it has been labelled as having the best beaches that the Philippines have to offer. There are 12 in all located on this tiny island, and each one of them offer spectacular views, as well as crystal waters. There are boat tours, and you can climb to the top of Mount Luho and see for miles in any direction.


Explore the wold underwater around the islands of the Phillipines
Explore the wold underwater around the islands of the Philippines

This island is a lot of fun to visit, primarily because there is so much to do around it. There are great tours where you can go boating, diving, or snorkelling. If you are a person who loves getting under the water, you are going to love the marine life as whale sharks, sea turtles and coral reefs are found in great abundance. Also, you can have great fun at the Sudlon National Park located about an hour from Cebu City.


The Philippines has plenty of architectural heritage
The Philippines has plenty of architectural heritage

This historic city, located in northern Philippines, is a wonderful place to visit. It blends the influence of both Chinese and Spanish colonists who brought their culture to this region. This means you can see spectacular 18th century Spanish architecture alongside Chinese style temples. Horse-drawn carriages can take you through the streets, but it is an easy walk to most destinations. You will truly feel like you are back in the 18th century in this wonderful city.


Manila Philippines
Manila is a city where you will find everything

If you are going to visit the Philippines, then you need to spend some time in the capital city. Located on the island of Luzon, this city is a blend of modern and historical, as there are huge skyscrapers and modern amenities as well as historical buildings that date back centuries. You are going to find Spanish-style churches as well as Buddhist temples. If you are a person who loves a city, such as Rome because of the contrast between modern and antiquity, then you are going to love Manila. It will be a place you will marvel at, and there is so much to do. No matter what you wish to do, you will find it in Manila.

Davao City

When visiting Manila you must make a trip to Davao. This is located on the southern part of the island, and is the home to three spectacular nature parks. Davao is a modern city with lots of things to do. But they have done a great job of preserving the wildlife of the Philippines. Here you will find the Eden Nature Park, Philippine Eagle Center, and the Davao Baywalk, each of which gives you the opportunity to see the exotic and beautiful wildlife of the Philippines. Also, you can visit Mount Apo, the largest peak in the Philippines.

The Philippines has wonderful beaches to explore
The Philippines has wonderful beaches to explore


If you want to come closer to the indigenous people of the Philippines, then Sagada is a place you must visit. Located in the remote hills of the Cordillera Mountains, much of the area has been protected to ensure the indigenous people are able to live very much as they have for thousands of years. You can talk with and get to know the local people, and taste the delicacies of this region. Hiking in this area is spectacular. Echo Valley and Mount Ampaco present an interesting contrast for those who love to immerse themselves in nature.


Located on Luzon, our final destination, Baguio, has a unique environment. Here you will see thousands of cottages. It is referred to as the City of Pines because of the massive pine forests that surround it. The area has great hiking and biking trails, a fantastic resort and spectacular views from the mountains. Plus, people love colour here, so you are going to see beautifully painted homes.

The Philippines is a fantastic place to visit on any holiday. Quite unlike any place on the earth. You will definitely want to visit these 10 places when you go there.

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    1. yes, that is the problem, you are right. hopefully countries in south east asia will open up a but towards the end of the year.

  2. Where you can take place for swimming in Manila? Laguna lake? Manila bay? Any rivers??? In Manila absolutely no the beach?All water rivers, Laguna lake, Manila bay is polluted!!!!

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