Barbados Travel Getting Back to Normal

Is Barbados open for travel? Arianna Stephens explains current Barbados travel restrictions and what to expect when you arrive.

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Is Barbados open for travel? Arianna Stephen explains current Barbados travel restrictions and what to expect when you arrive.

2020 to 2021 has been a rough time for tourists worldwide, most notably tourists wishing to traverse the Caribbean. Sun, sea and sand were all put on hold by the still present Covid-19 pandemic, however, through combined global efforts, the world pushes on making rapid strides in the return to some form of normality. One Caribbean state that seems to be well on their way to a full re-opening is the stunning island of Barbados.

Little England

Nicknamed, ‘little England,’ the island has captivated tourists and locals alike throughout the decades. The English fought tooth and nail to hold its wonders in the colonial era understanding the island’s value, many remnants of those times remain scattered around the island in the form of forts, shipwrecks and colonial architecture. The history enthusiast would find Barbados to be a hidden treat among the Caribbean islands.

Barbados Travel
Enjoy the food and drink of Barbados

The more fun loving tourist would find pleasure in the picturesque beaches that dot the island’s miles of coastline.

Barbados Beaches and Bridgetown

Beaches such as the famous Crane. Located on the southeastern edge of the island. This beach has been described as ‘walking in too a post card’ by many and is well worth a visit. There are many other notable beaches such as the beaches of Carlisle Bay on the edge of the island’s capital, Bridgetown and the gorgeous Sandy Lane Bay in St. James Parish just to name a few.

The most highly regarded tourist destination however is the aforementioned capital, Bridgetown. If one enjoys island music, a sweet rum punch and some horse racing, Bridgetown is the place to be. The laid-back nature of the island people makes for good conversation and an overall exciting experience. Alongside the great company and vibrant social scene there are many other activities in the capital such as bus tours, snorkelling and a plethora of water sports at the many beaches on the edges of Bridgetown.

Barbados is noted for its wonderful beaches
Barbados is noted for its wonderful beaches

To plan yout trip further you can consider the many Barbados festivals.

Barbados Travel Restrictions

The island has begun its re-opening of the tourism industry by requiring all travellers to possess a valid negative Standard COVID-19 PCR test result as the first requirement to entry.

Barbados travel protocols require that visitors will be required to fill out online immigration forms that can be found at before entry.

Barbados Quarantine Rules

All persons will be required to quarantine at approved quarantine facilities at their own expense. Barbados is currently under a level 3 travel advisory due to Covid-19. Beaches and parks can only be used for swimming or exercise from 5am to 7pm and the wearing of masks is mandatory in all public spaces. There is also a curfew in place from 11pm to 5am daily. There are no internal travel restrictions in place.

Consider visiting Barbados, it will likely be a trip you would never forget.

We recommend visitors check the Barbados Tourist Board website before travelling for the current/latest regulations. COVID-19 TRAVEL GUIDELINES 2021 – Visit Barbados.

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  1. There is no town on Barbados named St. Philip. St. Philip is one of the 11 parishes on the island……please check your facts, it could be rather comical to see tourists interacting with Bajans asking for directions to St. Philip…..

  2. We just returned from Barbados in late July. Wonderful country. Very little hassle getting in country and exiting quarantine. Exquisitely delicious food!!!

  3. I enjoy reading the blog, kindly would someone please send me local fishermen WhatsApp numbers(s) this is my WhatsApp, +231 88 111 7447.

  4. We have a house in Barbados…however due to Covid19 we will not be returning until the current situation is rectified. Furthermore i really find it unfair to ask travellers to fill entry paperwork online…dont expect the elderly to fill out online…definitely not well thoughtout….definitely a strike along with mask wearing and curfews. Sorry !! This doesnt fly!!

    1. we strongly endorse mask wearing inside public buildings, restaurants, transport etc, however I agree with the problems of online paperwork filling – there should be a paper alternative too.

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