The Most Remote Places to Travel in the UK

Are you looking for the most remote places to explore in the UK? Check out the post and find the most isolated places to travel in the United Kingdom.

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Are you looking for the most remote places to explore in the UK? Check out the most remote places to travel in the United Kingdom.

There are a lot of great places worth visiting in the UK. The most popular spots for tourists are in large cities. The historical beauty of cities in the UK attracts a lot of people from all over the world. However, if you don’t like remote places, you can find a lot of spots that are hard to reach. These offer great views and a stunning atmosphere of remoteness. Do you want to get a new travel experience by visiting the most remote places in the UK? If so, scroll down below and read about the best stops to reach.

Lundy Island, Devon

remote places lundy
Flowers frame the cliffs of Lundy Island off the coast of Devon

It is one of the less inhabited places located 12 miles off the North Devon. It is a place in the UK where the Atlantic Ocean meets the water of the Bristol Channel. The island is a paradise for those who don’t like to check the time. It is a place where time has frozen. According to recent stats, there are roughly 20 people who live on the island permanently. Therefore, you won’t be bothered by crowds of other people when visiting the destination.

The island is steep and rocky, making it attractive for most people to live in. Since only a few people lived there, nature remained unchanged. Tourists like visiting the island due to the beauty of untouched nature even though it’s hard to reach the place. Historically, it has been a place of many shipwrecks, so it was decided to install lighthouses on the island. These days, the lighthouses are automated and are powered by renewable energy. However, their design remains authentic, so they are often captured by tourists’ cameras.

Also, the island is located on the most popular migration routes of birds. Therefore, if you like observing the lives of birds, you won’t be disappointed. A lot of birds land on the island to take a rest in a place where they don’t get distracted by humans. According to Wikipedia, the island is home to more than 370 puffins. Besides, the island is Britain’s first Marine Conservation Zone so that you can meet gray seals or dolphins walking along the island’s shore.

Sandwood Bay, Scotland

Remote Sandwood Bay, Cape Wrath, North West Highlands of Scotland

If you don’t have plenty of time to adjust your schedules according to vessels that come only several times a week, you can visit this place. It is a remote coast that is located in the north of Scotland. The bay can be reached on foot only. The nearest road is four miles away from the place. Therefore, you have to grab comfortable shoes and not be afraid of long walks to enjoy the beauty of one of the UK’s most remote and cinematic places in UK. Indeed, you won’t be able to find the hugest Climbing Slopes in the World when exploring the place. However, the bay has a large sandy beach surrounded by steep hills. Also, there are a lot of large rocks that help form a unique landscape.

The views attract a lot of tourists. However, this spot never gets crowded because of its remoteness. By exploring the area in more detail, tourists usually find little attractions. For example, travellers can find abandoned and ruined buildings that appear occasionally, enjoy crawling on high dunes of sand, and find shells brought by the sea when the wind is strong. Also, they can meet local fauna that birds and sheep mostly form. Many tourists recommended the bay as the best point to observe the sunset. They report that it is a glorious feeling when they observe how the sun sets on the edge of the world.

Orford Ness, Suffolk
Orford Ness, Suffolk
Orford Ness, Suffolk

It is a spit that is located on the Suffolk coast in the UK. It’s a small peninsula that is surrounded by water. There is the only road to enter and leave the spit. The spot is an international nature conservation zone, so the area isn’t inhabited. By visiting it, you will be able to explore nature and get distracted from the hustle and bustle of large cities. There are a large number of different trails and small rivers. Also, the visitors can reach a large sandy shore to observe the sea.

The area is well-maintained. When visiting the place, tourists experience zero problems finding benches and different facility buildings. Even though it is one of the most remote places to visit, you will be able to rest on a bench or reach the informational center. Nevertheless, the most popular type of buildings that attracts the most tourists on the island is the lighthouse. Almost all people never lose a chance to make a snap of lighthouses and the amazing landscapes.

The UK offers a lot of great spots for tourists who want to escape large cities and explore the untouched nature. If you want to reach a peaceful place and have a vacation in one of the most remote places in the UK, pick one of the spots from the post above. However, you need to be prepared to walk a lot because these places cannot be reached by car. You will be required to make many miles by foot to get to any of the destinations.

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