6 Things to Know Before Moving to Honolulu

Here are the key things to know about residing in Honolulu, Hawaii

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Are you thinking of relocating to Hawaii? Its capital city is home to astonishing beaches and outdoor recreation. There are many reasons to move to one of the top US travel destinations in 2022. Here are the key things to know about residing in this paradise city.

1.   Cost of Living

Living near the beach with amazing weather year-round cannot be cheap! The median home price is around $601,500 and monthly rent is around $1,350 on average. This means that the housing costs are higher than the national average and comparable to NYC. However, https://hawaiitrustedrealty.com/houses-for-sale-honolulu could have the perfect deal for you.

2.   A Robust Job Market

Almost 9 million people visit Oahu island every year. Honolulu has a thriving tourism industry, and the unemployment rate of around 2.6% is one of the lowest in the country.

The second major employer is the healthcare sector. Corporations like Altres Medical have a strong presence in the city. Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam is also located in Honolulu, which means there are plenty of jobs in the defense industry.

3.   Rich Culture

The local population takes pride in their culture. Hula is more than a national dance — it is all about spiritual connections. From the magnificent Iolani Palace to delicious dishes, Hawaii offers a plethora of cultural experiences. Before moving, learn a bit about Hawaiian Pidgin — a peculiar blend of Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and Portuguese.

4.   Beaches and Surfing

Waikiki Beach is probably the best place for beach fun all year round, with excellent swimming and surfing. Hanauma Beach, which was created by a collapsed volcano crater, is ideal for snorkelling. Kids love Mother’s Beach with its white sand and calm waters.

Top surfing spots like Diamond Head attract visitors from all over the world. Honolulu has excellent locations for beginners and pros. At Ala Moana Bowls, the waves can reach the height of 12 feet. International surfing competitions are held at Banzai Pipeline at Ehukai Beach Park.

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5.   Stunning Museums and Gardens

The Hawaii State Art Museum in the heart of Downtown Honolulu is one of the biggest attractions. It has a rich collection of modern and conceptual art from local and national artists. Be sure to visit:

  • The Honolulu Museum of Art, which showcases Asian, European, and American exhibits;
  • The Bishop Museum, which is all about space, history, and science;
  • Foster Botanical Garden, a 14-acre garden that still has trees planted at the time of its opening in the 1850s.
6.   Local Cuisine

Be sure to try the plate lunch, a mouth-watering dish dating back to the 1880s. You can find it anywhere in Honolulu, from Street stands to restaurants. This popular combination of different meats, rice, and macaroni salad comes in many variations.

Honolulu has plenty of excellent eateries, so prepare your taste buds. The local cuisine is bound to impress. The capital is also packed with live music venues with cocktails, so there is always something new to try.

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