5 Thai Festivals That Will Change Your Life

Here are some general travel tips when going to Thailand, as well as five unforgettable festivals to enjoy in Thailand.

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Thailand is a place that many of us dream of going to. The Land of Smiles offers culture, nightlife, tradition and marvelous natural landscapes. That is why it appears on so many bucket travel lists. 

Festivals are times when you can truly see the essence of a culture. You can see how they celebrate, and what matters most to them, as well as enjoy a deep dive into aesthetic and culinary traditions.

Here are some general travel tips when going to Thailand, as well as five unforgettable festivals to enjoy in Thailand.

General Thai Travel Tips

Even if you just have a small amount of time to rush through Bangkok, it is a good idea to be aware of some things before landing. This will make your entire travel experience nicer.

On the practical side, ATMs in Thailand can be very expensive. They charge an additional $5, so it is best to take out large sums of money and always at an ATM near where you are staying.

5 Thai Festivals

Also, many visitors do not realise that retail casinos are illegal in Thailand. You can, however, enjoy great online casinos. Check out this Thai guide to find the best ones for you. They evaluate them based on bonuses and promotions, as well as security. Whether you are looking for live dealers, poker, or video slots, these experts will be able to point you in the right direction.

Another surprising thing for travellers is just how often you should take off your shoes. While it may be less of a shock to take them off when entering a temple, in Thailand, it is also common to take them off when entering some stores. If you see a pile of flip-flops or shoes at the door, this is a sign to take yours off as you enter.

The Top 5 Thai Festivals

This is by no means a complete list. Different villages and regions will all have their own fascinating festivals. Like many places, the number of festivals is essentially endless. Here are the top festivals to enjoy if you can time your trip to Thailand properly.

Yi Peng

This is a full-moon festival. You will find many such festivals throughout Thailand. This particular one falls during the full moon of the twelfth month of the Thai Lunar Calendar. This is almost always in November. In 2022, the dates are set from 8 to 9 November.

Throughout all of Northern Thailand, during the night, lanterns are released. This goes all the way from dusk to dawn. While it is a regional celebration, the most famous place for these festivities in Chiang Mai. A good spot to catch great views of the lanterns is sitting along the Ping River.

Loy Krathong – Thai Festival Of Light

Loy Krathong Festival

During Loy Krathong, which is celebrated all over Thailand at the same time as Yi Peng, people gather alongside water banks to release baskets that float with candles. In each little basket, the owner places hair or nail clippings to symbolise the letting go of bad luck or negative energy. Flowers and coins pay respect to the water goddesses, and the candle is an homage to Buddha.

This event includes many other activities, including parades, fireworks, and beauty contests. In Bangkok, there is an official parade of Krathong (the little baskets), and the most creative design wins the competition.

Phi Ta Khon-Thai Ghost Festival

This year’s Thai Ghost Festival takes place in the tiny village of Dan Sai. During the festival, it is utterly transformed as masked spirits dance through the streets. It is a three-day festival that reenacts the Buddhist legend in which Buddha returns to the land from which he was banished during his final incarnation. The occasion was so joyous that it woke the dead.

The Lopburi Monkey Buffet Festival

The city of Lopburi is famous for its monkeys. The long-tail macaques receive their homage every year during this festival. Locals prepare a feast for them and place it among the ruins of an ancient Khmer temple.

This year the festival is on 27 November, 2022. Lopburi is 150 kilometres north of Bangkok. There you can see over 3,000 macaques enjoying sticky rice, fruits, vegetables, and more during this unforgettable festival.

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