Popular Online Casino Games You Can Play Today

Let us look at some of the games that you must give a try at an online casino like the Ignition casino.


Some popular casino games make up the casino culture. These games are not only fun to play but also have high returns for you. Let us look at some of the games that you must give a try at an online casino like the Ignition casino.


It is like Christmas without Santa if you do not play slot at an online casino. They require no skill and the rewards can be huge. Slot jackpots exceed millions of dollars, especially in progressive pokies. What is best about a slot game is that you can win a jackpot without having to deposit a wager!

For example, you avail of free spins, and the pokie delivers the jackpot pay line during one of those free spins. You win the jackpot for free!


Blackjack is a casino classic. It requires both strategies and luck to win. Besides, the gameplay is fast-paced and exciting. The game’s main point is to have a hand that is a higher value than the dealer but does not exceed 21.

Both you and the dealer are initially dealt two cards, and then you hit to get as closer to 21 as possible. You stand when you are happy with the value of your hand. Your hand is then compared with that of the dealer, and the winner is established.

Blackjack also has one of the lowest house edges.

Video Poker

Video Poker is a variant of the 5-card-draw poker game. You are dealt a hand consisting of 5 cards. There are 10 winning hand combinations, and you have to make sure that your hand is one of them. To do that, you draw as many cards from the deck as needed. The winning hand combinations are ranked from 1 to 10. The highest-ranked card combination gives you the most reward.

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Roulette is a fast-paced game that keeps you on your toes throughout the gaming session. There are two components in roulette. The first is the table, and the second is the wheel. The table has 36 numbers organized in a 12 x 3 chart. You bet on a number of the characteristics of those numbers or patterns of those numbers or the colours of those numbers.

The wheel has a tiny ball in it, and the periphery has compartments with one compartment containing a number. After you have placed your bets, the dealer spins the wheel. When it stops spinning, the ball falls into a compartment, and if the number corresponds with your bet, you win.


In this game, you and the dealer are dealt two cards each, and you have to get as close to the total value of 9 as possible. If your hand’s total value or the dealer’s hand is in double digits, then the double digits’ left-hand number is dropped, and only the right-hand side is considered.

The hand, which is closest to 9, wins.

Sic Bo

In this game, players roll 3 dices and bet on the outcome. This is a game in which the math of probability will win you large sums of money.

This is an ancient Chinese game that took some time to get popular. Now it is one of the hottest games you can play in a casino.

These were some of the online casino points that we had to share with the beginners. Do not forget to check the website’s user reviews before signing up and putting your money at stake. Also, check the payout rate and frequency.

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