Best Gardens in the UK to Visit with Family

Check our list of the best gardens in the UK to see with your loved ones


You probably already know that gardens are something very popular in the UK, what with the plenty of widely-acclaimed, beautifully designed, or historically significant ones you can visit. Or have a full day of picnics with your family in! However, if adding ones to your itinerary is a bit confusing, just check our list of the best gardens in the UK to see with your loved ones. 

Hidcote, Gloucestershire

If you are exploring Costwold hills, seeing this beautifully manicured garden is a must. Designed by an American horticulturist Major Lawrence Jonhston, the park is very well designed with perfect symmetries, colour combinations, and perspectives. It is one of Britain’s most influential and best-known Arts and Crafts gardens. Speaking of, keep in mind that you can easily reach many of the gardens and definitely Hidcote with the help of Britain trains!

Apart from the gardens, Hidcote is a great place to visit for a group of people, because there is plenty to do. This includes playing tennis, Tai Chi classes, and others.

Hidcote Manor

Tresco Abbey Gardens, Isle of Scilly

Created among the ruins of the Benedictine priory, the botanical garden of Tresco Abbey is guaranteed to leave you and all of your family members in love.

A glorious home to over 20.000 plants, including succulents, palms, and giant trees, the gardens stand as one of the most impressive subtropical paradises in Europe, definitely in the UK.

RHS Garden Bridgewater, Manchester

The fifth garden of the Royal Horticultural Society in Manchester is one of the most impressive new heritage estates, not only in Northern England but the whole of the UK. It is the first RHS garden of this size ever to be created in an urban area, giving you the perfect combination of beautiful colours, interesting plants and an Elizabethan Mansion. The whole mix makes RHS Garden Bridgewater UK’s most extensive Victorian walled garden and the perfect holiday destination for you and your family.

Best gardens in UK

Buckingham Palace Gardens, London

Well, this one is not really a surprise! There is no way to exclude the most famous floral area of the most famous palace in Britain. So, after you are done exploring the sights of RHS Garden Bridgewater, take one of the trains Manchester to London, and get ready to explore some more!

Buckingham Palace houses a hidden oasis of 16 hectares, making it the most extensive private garden in the capital, with over 300 plant species, 30 species of breeding birds, over 98 plane trees and around 85 different types of oak.

The garden’s central feature is the lake created in the 19th century and originally fed from the overflow from the Serpentine in Hyde Park. All of it makes for perfect, quaint scenery, leaving no doubt as to why Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II enjoys the gardens so much.

Buckingham palace

Plas Cadnant, Anglesey

A garden of many names, including North Wales’ Best Kept Secret and Lost Garden of Heligan, Plas Cadnant is one of the most surprising gardens in the UK.

The restoration of the historic gardens and grounds of Plas Cadnant began in 1996, and since then, a large part of them have been brought back to their former glory. So far, three different ones have been discovered, one more impressive than the other – the unusual walled garden, the secret valley garden, and an upper woodland garden. Discover the various plants, designs, and sceneries.

Have the best time exploring the gardens and getting acquainted with unheard species of plants. Enjoy the subtropical and elegant looks of the UK’s greenery, and spice up your trip with our suggestions. Best of luck!

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