The Best Luxury Adventures for Families with Older Kids

When planning a luxury family holiday, choose a destination for the entire family, here are the best luxury adventures for families.

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Travelling with older kids doesn’t have to be a challenge. Just make sure to take them to places they will appreciate and include activities to keep them entertained. If you take them somewhere beautiful, they might forget to check their mobile phones! 

When planning a luxury family holiday, the key is to choose a destination that the entire family will be interested in and incorporate various activities everyone will enjoy. If you need help, here are the best luxury adventures for families with older kids.

South Africa

There are many great reasons to choose South Africa for your next family adventure. Boasting year-round sunshine, thrilling safari adventures, lush national parks, and gorgeous beaches, South Africa is a country that older kids are guaranteed to love. 

When going for a family holiday in South Africa, your itinerary should feature a mix of wilderness adventure and fun days out at the beach. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the majestic Table Mountain, Cape Town has that endearing charm that’s hard to resist. The port city, which lies along South Africa’s southwest coast, is brimming with adventure. Head to Boulders or Clifton Beach to swim and surf, or venture into Robben Island, where you’ll find Nelson Mandela’s prison cell, offering a fascinating insight into the history of apartheid. Aside from Cape Town, you should visit other charming cities like Durban and Johannesburg if your time allows.

Your South African adventure won’t be complete without a safari adventure. Head to Kruger National Park and stay at one of its luxury lodges with family-friendly amenities. Watch your kids gasp in awe during close encounters with the Big Five, which consist of lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos, and leopards.

Antarctic Peninsula 

If you’re looking for a unique place to visit and something that your adventurous kids will love, consider exploring Antarctica, here you will find nature alongside plenty to do. It’s the most enthralling place on Earth, where you can discover unique wildlife and marvel at mesmerizing landscapes you won’t find anywhere else. Antarctica also offers adventurous activities guaranteed to delight older kids. 

You’ll find many different options for cruising the Antarctic. If you don’t mind splurging, you can book a luxury cruise package, including a visit to the Emperor Penguin colony. For this exclusive tour, you will fly in a private Gulfstream jet with only a dozen guests onboard. Enjoy bespoke service as you explore the Antarctic’s magnificent landscapes of endless horizons and oceans scattered with icebergs.

The Classic eight-day Antarctica Cruise is another fantastic option for families. It will take you to the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands, surrounded by a landscape of snow, rugged rocks, and an incredible variety of wildlife. The journey begins with a 2-hour flight from the Chilean city of Punta Arenas, taking you directly to Antarctica, where the expedition ship is waiting for you.


rio brazil

Few countries can rival Brazil in terms of diverse landscapes and the richness of culture. As one of the world’s best destinations for a family holiday, Brazil offers many exciting experiences for adults and kids. And with more than 6,000 km of coastline, there’s no shortage of stunning beaches to spend some family time in Brazil. 

Begin your holiday exploring the bustling Rio de Janeiro and discover its stunning beaches, which you can best appreciate from the vantage points in Corcovado or Sugar Loaf Mountain. Check out the famous Iguassu Falls, one of Brazil’s natural wonders. Marvel at the breathtaking effects of the vast amount of water falling amidst a lush tropical rainforest. Your older kids will find the Amazon a joy to explore. The best way to venture into the Amazon rainforest is to stay at a luxury jungle lodge in Manaus, the capital city of the Amazonas State. 

Brazil is blessed with a wide variety of beaches, giving you plenty of options to visit if you feel like relaxing by the beach. Those near Sao Paulo and Rio are the best ones to visit since you won’t have to travel far. But if you are prepared to travel a bit further, head to Bahia, home to stunning, palm-fringed beaches. 


Valley of the Monks Chihuahua Mexico

A playground for adults and kids, Mexico is brimming with culture and history, attractions, and beautiful beaches to laze around while the kids play in the sand. With several stunning family-friendly rental villas in Mexico, you will also find the perfect place to rest up whilst visiting here. For the ultimate family holiday, head to Baja California, a fascinating region surrounded by blue ocean waters and red rocky desert plains.

Baja California has a growing number of resorts that cater to families. The region is a less-touristy alternative to the more popular Mexican resort towns. Los Cabos, which lies on the southern tip of Baja, offers numerous family-friendly all-inclusive holidays. Some of the beaches of Los Cabos are suitable for surfing, making it a great spot if your kids are avid surfers. Head to the eastern side of the coast, close to La Paz, for whale watching and kayaking opportunities. 

The Riviera Maya is another option for a luxury family holiday in Mexico. It’s home to sophisticated resorts offering luxurious experiences for families. You will find many water-based parks in the area and some excellent museums that your kids will love to explore. History buffs will find the Mayan ruins fascinating to explore. During downtime, head to one of the cenotes, or deep swimming holes, to enjoy a refreshing dip. 

The Galapagos


The biggest draw of the Galapagos Islands is the unique wildlife experiences, which include swimming with marine iguanas and walking with giant tortoises. Your kids will also find plenty of fun activities to enjoy while exploring the archipelago, such as kayaking and snorkelling.

The best way to explore the Galapagos is on a luxury cruise. These expeditions come with expert guides onboard that will take you for a fun exploration in the jungles and get close and personal with the fascinating animals that live on the islands. 

Several luxury cruises in the Galapagos have special menus to cater to kids, which means even kids who are picky eaters will enjoy the adventure. In addition, these cruises include activities to entertain kids of all ages.

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