Useful Ways to Save Money While Travelling Adventurously

An adventurous trip doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, you can still save money by using these useful tips that add to the experience.

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An adventurous trip doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. While some exotic destinations may cost you more in terms of the cost of getting there, you can still save money once you arrive by using these useful tips that add to the experience rather than take away from it.

Eat Where the Locals Eat

Most popular tourist destinations have some sort of area where the most expensive shops and restaurants are gathered, usually in the main square or plaza. This is where it’s usually easiest and most convenient to buy things, but it’s often a good deal more expensive than in the places nearby where the locals go. You might think that the price is reasonable compared to back home, but it’s often so expensive that locals would never consider spending their money there.

A good example is restaurants, as many cities have a local outdoor market or simple street stalls where food is extremely cheap and where you get an excellent opportunity to mingle with locals and discover something new. If you’re using the services of a guide, then asking them how to eat like a local is a good idea and helps to show your interest in the local culture at the same time.  In this way, you might discover an authentic dish that you wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Take a Repair Kit with You

If you’re going to be hiking, cycling, climbing, or carrying out some other sort of adventurous travel, there’s a chance that you will suffer some damage to your footwear, clothing, or gear. On a longer trip, this could eventually leave you short of options and forced to buy a replacement. The cost of replacing these things varies widely from one country to another, and you might not always find a good option for getting it repaired professionally.

Taking a basic repair kit away with you is a sensible move, as it allows you to fix all of those little problems that could turn into a major headache if left unattended. Packing a needle and thread is a good starting point, and you’ll also want a strong, multi-purpose adhesive. This can be used to repair shoes or bags, or even to upcycle some of your clothing if you want a different look part of the way through the trip.

Save Money While Travelling

Walk or Cycle as Much as You Can

Going on an adventurous holiday and then spending a lot of time getting around in taxis and buses doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? This is why it’s such a good idea to think of alternative ways of getting around. Walking or cycling is going to save you money but it’s also going to let you get a closer look at the local community and speak to people or at least interact with them by smiling or waving.

Get started by checking out popular, safe routes to your destination. You might find a route that takes you almost directly from your hotel to a major attraction that you’d planned to visit by taxi or on a bus tour. If not, simply getting out and enjoying the area is going to be worth it anyway. If a cycling holiday is going to be an option for you, take a look to see where you can hire a bike there and what the conditions for it are.

These simple tips let you get more out of any trip and may help you to feel that you’ve added an extra dash of adventure to it as well. With just a little bit of extra planning, you can save money while making the whole thing more memorable at the same time.

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