Kratom is a solution to all the problems these days. It is always there for you whenever you are feeling low, have trouble sleeping, or want to increase your immunity. Kratom offers these benefits only if you are buying authentic kratom strains.

The article will further guide you on how to buy fresh potent kratom and also know the strategies to know that they are authentic.

Understanding Kratom

Kratom is a natural product derived from the kratom tree (Mitragyna Speciosa) found in Southeast Asia. There are various different Kratom strains that have different properties attached to them. It has alkaloids in its leaves, which can have a favorable or negative effect on mental and physical health.

Due to its stimulating properties, which can increase your energy and mood and aid with social anxiety, kratom has also become popular for recreational usage. It contains alkaloids that have the potential to induce psychedelic effects. Thus it is consumed primarily for the effects on the brain and central nervous system. People frequently use it to deal with exhaustion, stress and worry.

Since kratom affects your body in one way or the other, it is essential to find the best quality authentic kratom strain to avail the maximum benefits of the same.

Authentic Kratom Strains Available On The Market:

There are varieties of Kratom powder made of different Kratom strains. The following are the kratom powder that is available on the market:

  1. Borneo- White, Red, Green, and Yellow
  2. Maeng Da- Kali, Green, Red, White, and Horn
  3. Vietnam- White, Red, and Yellow
  4. Thai Maeng Da- Red and Green
  5. Bentuangie- Red
  6. Hulu Kapuas- Green
  7. Thai- Red, and Green
  8. Sumatra- Red and White
  9. Bali- White, Red, and Green
  10. Malay- Green
  11. Elephant- White

7 Strategies For Buying Authentic Kratom Strains

There are various websites where you can buy kratom online. However, there are only a few of them that sell authentic kratom. If you keep these factors in mind, you will surely get authentic strains.

Look for a reputable kratom vendor who sells authentic strains.

As already stated, many websites are claiming that they are selling authentic products. So, if you decide to order online, you should choose the best, reputable and trustworthy seller.

Do the research and look for websites that specialize in selling Kratom strains. Once you differentiate between fake and real companies selling Kratom, you will find authentic kratom powder or strain easily.

Determine whether kratom is legal in your state

The Food Drugs Administration (FDA) issued a public warning on 29 Sep 2022 about the unsafe usage of Kratom powder. The State of Rhode Island has introduced the Kratom Consumer Protection Act to regulate the distribution of Kratom strains.

Only a few states are thinking of implementing the said Act. However, Kratom might still not be properly legalized in the following counties: Sarasota county, Wisconsin, and San Diego, CA.

If kratom is legal in your State, it will be easier for you to find kratom vendors who sell authentic kratom products like best liquid kratom shots. These vendors will have proper licenses to sell lab-tested products.

Understand which strain is authentic as per your body’s needs

Each Kratom strain has its uniqueness and quality. You must realize your body’s needs to buy the best authentic Kratom.

White Vein Kratom Strain is best for you if you want to improve your energy levels. If you take the strain that possesses the quality you are looking for, you are likely to take hold of the original product.

Likewise, if you want to consume the strain to improve your mood, then the best strain for you might be White Horn Kratom powder.

If you want authentic Kratom online for treating neurological problems, then Bali Kratom is the perfect one for you.

Hence, identifying your body’s needs is one strategy for buying fresh potent kratom online.

Read the reviews of the customers

The websites that sell authentic Kratom always have reviews from the customers. Customer based satisfaction rate the quality of Kratom. The greater the rating, the greater the customers’ satisfaction with that product and Kratom’s authenticity.

Evaluate the price range of different Kratom Vendors

It takes a lot to make the best quality kratom. Thus, authentic kratom has a little high price but is affordable. You can always cross-check the different websites’ prices and the customer’s reviews to avail the best deal on the products.

Always read about the manufacturing process.

The manufacturing process is important to understand as the authenticity of Kratom depends on how farmers bring the kratom leaves, how they crush them to make kratom products, and what manufacturing practices the online kratom websites follow. So, you should look for a website that is transparent about its products’ manufacturing process.

Examine the results of third-party lab tests

Third-party lab tests analyze the effectiveness and authenticity of Kratom products. So, if a kratom strain has third-party lab certification, it means that it is free from heavy metals or harmful pesticides.

General Information

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act aims to lift bans on Kratom’s different strains. Since one of the strategies to find the authentic strain is to find the legality of the Kratom in your state, it would be best if you keep yourself updated with the news regarding Kratom.

There are various forms in which the strains are available:


Fresh, potent kratom tea




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Know About 5.0 star rating to 4.7 star rating

The products available on Golden Monk are generally not rated below 4.6 star rating. The customers give a 5.0 star rating to the products they like the most.

The potent products that don’t match the expectation levels of customers have a 4.9 star rating.

Therefore, you should not purchase products below a 4.5 star rating if you want authentic kratom. The rating defines how original the product is in delivering satisfaction to the user.

Ideal Dose Of Kratom

The ideal dose depends on many factors such as weight, medical condition, user’s consumption frequency, kratom strains, etc. Hence, the perfect amount varies from person to person.

If you are not taking dosage based on these factors, it may lead to side effects. Thus, it is best to consult your doctor for the ideal dose to avoid side effects and get better results.

Side Effects

As already stated, Kratom’s dose depends upon many factors. Therefore, the side effects can be observed when you take it more than what your body requires.

The side effects are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth

You can avoid the side effects if you consult your doctor about the correct dosage.

authentic Kratom

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Final Thoughts

The Internet has had a crucial impact on how we purchase. Because of the multiple advantages and benefits, an increasing number of people are purchasing goods online instead of in physical locations. So, you should always invest time in your research as part of the premium goldenmonk kratom purchasing procedure. Even if you use Kratom frequently, it’s important to understand the various strains and what dosage is best for you.

The article is for information purposes only, you should check local laws regarding krathom as the legal status varies by country.