4 Convincing Arguments for Investing in SafeMoon V2

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The potential for future gains makes Safemoon a worthwhile investment. According to the SafeMoon price prediction 2030, the coin can reach an all-time high price of $0.0000125 by 2030. Because of its status as a “meme coin,” its value is very volatile. Fortunately, its low price makes it an attractive choice. Let’s see if this coin is worth investing in.

What Is SafeMoon V2?

SafeMoon V2 necessitates the release of an updated contract to implement the new consolidation algorithm for the coin. The SafeMoon V1 Contract was not created by the SafeMoon team, which meant that the underlying code severely limited functionality and did not aim to further SafeMoon’s stated goals.

To address this issue, the team developed SafeMoon V2. Compared to the previous contract, this one offers more flexibility and gives the team more power.

What, then, is different

  • 1:1,000 token consolidation 
  • 2% transaction fees. Trading wallet-to-wallet is now 2%, not 10%
  • Non-partnered exchanges can now be blocklisted, which provides control of listing with exchanges

Other V2 features include: 

  • Flexibility: SafeMoon will have more leeway in employing the smart contract inside the SafeMoon ecosystem, increasing its adaptability. Due to this, more products that can run on SafeMoon can be integrated into the business.
  • Security: Blocklisting allows SafeMoon to quickly react to threats that interact with its smart contract, improving security.
  • Cheaper products: By allowing users to “whitelist” certain contracts, SafeMoon may reduce the buy/sell tax rate from 10% to 2% for all whitelisted contracts, thereby lowering the rate for all ecosystem items. Because of this, users may put SafeMoon to more practical use than just a store of value.
  • Increased volume: Due to the more competitive pricing, we anticipate higher volumes of the V2 coin.
  • Independence: The V2 update will give SafeMoon more independence and control over its liquidity pool, enabling it to introduce new partnering choices inside its ecosystem.

Should You Buy SFM?

Consider the following arguments to see why buying SafeMoon V2 is a wise investment.

SFM Is Trending on Social Media

The analysts at Santiment have noticed that the popularity of meme currencies like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and SafeMoon has been growing over the last few months. To determine a cryptocurrency’s social dominance, analysts count the number of times it is mentioned on social media platforms like Twitter.

These digital currencies have seen a surge in popularity and are nearing their regional peaks. Observers have linked an increase in social dominance with a local peak in the value of cryptocurrencies.

Top Influences Support SFM

SafeMoon has risen to prominence not because of its special features or technical implications but because of the backing of well-known personalities like Dave Portnoy. But the crypto industry needs more of these endorsements from celebrities with power to acquire traction in the market.

SFM Offers a Source of Passive Income

SafeMoon rewards long-term investing. All SafeMoon holders receive 50% of the transaction fees on the network. In times when the selling pressure increases, SFM investors receive even more passive income. These returns help offset the negative price sentiment during those periods. 

Manual Burn Mechanism

The majority of crypto projects use token burning to remove tokens from circulation. This practice helps increase scarcity and boost value. SafeMoon’s approach to burning is rather unique — it uses manual burns. The case is made that using this method may enable a win-win burn strategy for long-term investors. There will be more openness since the burning may be publicized and monitored in public.

Summing Up

There is a potentially lucrative market for Safemoon V2. The new upgrade adds support for “major collaborations” and “ecosystem plans” to the blockchain. This enhances security and adjusts transaction costs. In addition, the “improved quality, security, and accessibility of SafeMoon” seen in V2 is a fantastic selling point for investors. It ushers in what the project calls a “warp-speed future.”

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