Are Canadian Casinos Growing in Popularity Among Travelers?

There are a lot of things tourists can see in Canada. However, it seems that more and more people that come here get attracted by the gambling industry.


Canada is, without any doubt, a beautiful country that attracts millions of tourists every single year. There are many things that convince people to come here and spend a couple of days or weeks. Niagara Falls, Whistler ski resort, Banff National Park, and other destinations are often full of tourists. But it seems that one more thing is becoming more and more attractive to foreign visitors. A lot of people use their holiday to visit some of the most popular casinos in Canada!

Traditional Gambling Is Legal in Canada Since 1985

Until 1985, gambling was completely illegal in all states of Canada. But, in that year, things changed a lot! Traditional or so-called physical casinos have permission from the federal government to legally operate on the territory of Canada. Of course, they need to get a license from the responsible authorities that will confirm their fairness and trustworthiness.

That change of law automatically impacted the popularity of gambling among locals and tourists. Every person wants to make their dreams come true sooner or later, and that’s why some of the biggest casinos in Canada like those mentioned on this page manage to attract thousands of travelers every year giving them this incredible opportunity.

As you can see on that page, almost every largest casino in Canada is amazing. It will probably be hard to pick between Niagara Lawson Fallsview Casino, Casino de Montreal, and other options. These places really are perfect for those individuals that want to make their dreams come true. However, is that the only reason why gambling has become too popular? We would say NO. In the further texts, you can find all the reasons why this industry is expanding among tourists.

casino in Canada Fallsview Casino and Resort, Fallsview Boulevard
Fallsview Casino and Resort, Fallsview Boulevard

Casinos Aren’t Just Casinos

Every biggest casino in Canada is mostly focused on gambling. But as we said – MOSTLY. This is not the only entertaining activity you will find there. In most cases, you will manage to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere or have fun at an online casino, just click the next site. Most casinos will organize a live music event and offer some amazing drinks, beverages, and food to foreign travelers. Gambling isn’t mandatory! Usually, tourists want to test their luck and have fun while they are there. All these activities will help people that come here to make some memorable moments they will remember forever.

Hanging Out with Locals

What’s the purpose of traveling? If you ask us, there are three reasons why we travel – to relax and forget about everyday problems, have fun every single day, and meet the culture and mentality of the locals. Gambling venues are places where Canadians like to hang out. Almost every biggest casino in Canada mentioned above is a mixture of locals and tourists that want to enjoy music and potentially gamble.

Isn’t this a great opportunity to meet the culture and mentality of another nation? This certainly is one of the reasons why tourists like to spend their time at physical casinos.

Variety of Games

It doesn’t matter if you are not familiar with gambling at all or if you are an experienced gambler that plays casino games regularly. We are pretty sure that you would want to enjoy different casino game categories and have fun that way. Fortunately for you, all the casinos in Canada offer such a service.

In some of the casinos, you can find literally all the casino games. Plus, you can find A LOT of them. For example, in almost every gambling venue, you will find a few thousand slot machines, a couple of hundred rooms to play different table games, etc.

Professional Employees

This is something you will confirm yourself when going to one of the physical casinos in Canada. People that visited them will confirm that employees of these casinos are true professionals. They will do whatever it takes so that every single visitor of the casino feels like a king. Under those conditions, it doesn’t need to surprise us why many people want to come and get back at least one more time in the future.

Bonus: Which Physical Casinos in Canada Are the Biggest Ones?

Before we say “goodbye” to each other, it would be good to talk a bit more about the casinos in Canada. We won’t say which one is the best as they are all amazing. Plus, we all have different tastes. In the last section of the article, we would like the answer a common question people have – what is the biggest casino in Canada? We will list three of the biggest ones!

Casino de Montreal

Montreal Casino, casino in Canada
Montreal Casino is the largest casino in Canada

More than 25 million people visit Canada every single year. That’s why the Canadian authorities had to create a huge casino where at least one part of them can spend their time. Casino de Montreal is, without any competition, the largest casino in Canada. It is around 525 square feet big. According to the information we found, around 15 thousand people visit this casino every single day. There are more than 1000 gaming tables and 3000+ slot machines. You can also try the Canadian Bodog Casino.

Niagara Lawson Fallsview Casino Resort

This casino is “only” 200,00 square feet big. Here you can enjoy different activities including fitness, spa, restaurants, and GAMBLING. As we said in the previous part of the article, this casino has 3000+ slot machines and 350+ rooms.

Casino Rama

Hospitality and safety are the main features of this casino. It is around 190 square feet big, and it offers more than 2000 slot machines and 100+ table game options. The casino has its own loyalty program for VIP members. These guests will have special treatment. For instance, they will get a free stay, a cashback option, and many other cool offers.


We have highlighted the main reasons why gambling in Canada has experienced a popularity growth among tourists. There is probably no chance this trend will continue in the future. We can only expect that new physical casinos will appear soon. We invite you to visit them and make some memorable moments there. However, we do not recommend chasing money while spending time there. That way, you will ruin your holiday completely!

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