How to Keep Your Most Precious Valuables Safe While Traveling

Here are a few tips of what to do to avoid disaster with the valuables you bring with you when you go traveling.


Traveling involves an element of risk, and so you need to account for this in the way you prepare as well as how you conduct yourself during your trip if you want to avoid losing your possessions or having them stolen from you. There are a few tips to take onboard in this context, so are some specific examples of what to do to avoid disaster with the valuables you bring with you.

Your Passport

If your passport goes walkabouts while you’re in a foreign country, it can derail your plans and leave you stranded until a replacement is sourced.

There are a few ways to protect it, depending on the context. If you’re staying in a hotel and you won’t be going far afield, storing it in your room safe for the duration of your visit will give you peace of mind.

If you’re taking it with you as a form of identification while on the move, keeping it in a zipped pocket or travel belt is best.

Your Phone

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Modern mobile devices are very useful for traveling, with apps that make things easier whether you’re backpacking, vacationing or heading on a city break. The downside is that they’re popular targets for thieves, and also easy to leave in public places.

The best advice is to keep your phone out of sight when you’re not using it, returning it to your pocket or bag rather than leaving it in full view on a table. Also resist the temptation to wander around with your phone out for extended periods, as this will only attract unwanted attention.

Your Engagement Ring

If you’ve got a white gold diamond ring with you because you’re intending to propose, or you’ve recently become engaged, then it’s vital to secure this against all potential snafus.

Once again a room safe is your friend in this context, although it might be worth going the extra mile and asking the front desk if they have a dedicated safe for storing guests’ more expensive items elsewhere.

When you’re on the move, keeping your ring zipped in a travel belt rather than leaving it on your finger is also wise. If you’re at all concerned about its safety, just leave it locked up at home and steer clear of the stress.

Your Laptop

If you’ve got a portable computer with you, the best way to protect it is to ensure that it is always in sight. Don’t leave it where you can’t see it, even for a moment, because it’s at these times that a theft is most likely to occur.

Adding a travel-size padlock to the zips of your laptop’s carry case is sensible, so long as you remember to use it.

Also take steps to password protect your computer, so that even if it does fall into the wrong hands, no one else will be able to access your sensitive data.

Your Tickets & Documents

If you’ve got other travel documents in your possession while traveling, alongside your passport, then you need to keep these out of harm’s way as well.

Where possible, use digital tickets in place of printed equivalents, because then there’s nothing to go missing; so long as you’ve got access to a mobile device or any gadget with an internet connection, you’ll be able to access them.

Also use your phone to capture photos of these documents, which will come in handy if they get misplaced.

Final Thoughts

When traveling, things can go wrong, but if you’ve prepared thoroughly and planned for how to cope with minor disasters, you’ll be in the strongest position to enjoy a chilled out trip.

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