The Best Sporting Events to Visit

From the Olympics to Wimbledon and the World Cup to the Champions League Final.


Travelling is simply beautiful, getting to know a new culture and delving into everything it has to offer is simply an experience that everyone should experience in their lifetime. But the best is to do it during an international sporting event.

The reason is that the city shines and the world is concentrated in a country that shows its best face to receive many nationalities and live with them in a world party that in the end unites people and makes indelible friendships.

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These are the events that as soon as they are announced are worth a trip because it is a unique experience.


Two intense weeks when history is written. A city witness all nationalities gathered in all its monuments and stadiums to experience something that is repeated only every four years.

This is a great way to make a tour because the host country usually provides public transportation so you can go to all the sports activities in a single day, which are many.

The next Olympics are in Paris and what better way to spend a summer in the city of light where everyone has their eyes. You can do a lot of sightseeing and besides you can meet many nationalities, and why not, see your country make history.

UEFA Champions League Final

Champions League

It is only one day, but the atmosphere lasts a whole week. For 7 days the host city of the final becomes the nerve center of world soccer. Many fans of many nationalities leave many days before to experience all that UEFA has to offer.

Arriving in the city during the week of the event is a unique experience. Restaurants full and celebrating, fans singing and exchanging T-shirts, and festivals offering concerts with the best artists of the moment and food from the host country.

As in the Olympics, the city offers easy access, so going at this time is to move at a party atmosphere and much easier than on any other occasion. Besides the day of the match, there is no way not to find a party, and if your favorite team plays the final, it is beautiful to embrace strangers with whom you can easily have a beer.

Giro de Italia

If you’re a fan of Italian culture it’s an excellent idea to follow the whole tour, I mean, not by bike because it’s one of the most demanding races there is. There are tours that make it easy to follow the peloton in the fascinating Italian countryside.

Going to small villages, eating like the locals, and visiting places that are probably not in the conventional tours is perfect for a unique experience. Besides, you will be in full competition for several days.

They say that the best way to get to know a country is from the inside and this is the best way. In the Giro de Italia, you will be able to understand perfectly everything about the Italian culture. And if you are a cycling fan, this is the best trip you can make, apart from the Tour de France.


Wimbledon Tennis championships
Roger Federer & Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon Credit: AELTC/Bob Martin

One of the most iconic and traditional tournaments in the world, it is the perfect excuse to get to know England and live the most important tennis experience in the world. Being at the Grand Slam is perfect to live like an Englishman, even if it is only for a couple of weeks.

To go to the All England Lawn is to be where legends have played and made history. Eating strawberries and cream, which is a tradition on the grounds, is something you can count on with pride. Going to the main court and watching a game is something few can do.

Besides, it is in summer too, what better way to be in the British country without suffering so much rain. The weather is perfect, and after the games, there is always a chance to go to Buckingham Palace or Piccadilly Circus.

Formula One

A Formula One event is perfect. It is three days of luxury and adrenaline that almost no other event can offer you. Each city does its best to offer an unforgettable experience. From Wednesday there are concerts, culinary fairs, and other things that give a special spice to the race.

Not all Grand Prix are the same, they all have something special that identifies the country. The only thing they have in common is that they are spectacular and that you don’t just go to see a race, but you will have non-stop fun.

The weekend of the race there is no respite and in some grand prix after the race there are still concerts and fairs that end until Monday. You just have to pick a good date to take advantage of the country of your choice.

FIFA World Cup

World Cup Game

Undoubtedly this is the best event to plan a holiday. One month and different host cities give you the chance to follow your favorite team and get to know a new culture with plenty of time. A full month of travel and lots of fun.

In the World Cups, you not only meet the locals, but you are also in the middle of the capital of the world that is concentrated in that territorial extension. There isn’t a day without a party and there isn’t a place where you won’t meet anyone new. It is absolutely certain that you will lack space for the pictures you will take.

In addition, FIFA organizes Fan Fests in case you don’t have tickets to the stadium, and concerts with artists from all over the world. There is no way there will be a minute of peace. One month is more than enough time to get to know different cities and different ways of thinking. This situation is fascinating.

Which of these events would you like to go to? Because if you have been to any of them you already know what they mean and all that you can learn. Plus there is the added value that there is a world-class event at your fingertips and you can witness sports history. Which one is the best?

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