What Is Brand Identity?

What Is Brand Identity? Why do you need a corporate identity? Read on to discover more ...

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What Is Brand Identity?

The visual elements that comprise a company’s identity are used to communicate and are displayed on the company’s products, packaging, and promotional materials. The definition brand identity allows you to correctly position the company.

Why do you need a corporate identity?

The label has achieved the following goals:

  • Create recognition for the company The trademark creates a clear link between the brand and its advertising, marketing, and customer communications.
  • Strengthen positioning. Colors, fonts, and logos help to evoke emotions in the client and inspire their trust and interest.
  • Stand out from competitors. It’s important to consider competitors’ branding when creating your own so that there isn’t a common association. Not all companies develop their own style.
  • Increase the brand value in the eyes of customers.

Style forms the first impression of the client along with a well-functioning site and technical support, so this factor should not be neglected.

Brand style elements

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The following components make up the company’s unique style:

  • Trademark
  • Logo
  • Sets of colors and their combinations
  • Font set
  • Tagline

What do we imagine when we talk about brands? First of all, it implies a certain style. This holds true for every business, not just those that sell clothing. What will set one company apart from another is its corporate identity.

The process of developing a company image consists of the actions listed below.

Define a goal

Corporate identity should solve certain problems. For example, to increase brand awareness, emphasize competitive advantage, and increase the level of trust.

Write a brief

This document is necessary for mutual understanding and effective work of the designer and the client. Enter the following information into the brief. Describe the activities of the company. Tell us what your company does, its brief history, and core values. List the main rivals, as well as the business identity’s purpose. As a result, the designer can easily avoid matching the aesthetic of rivals and develop a distinctive brand.

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Determine the target audience. The designer will develop a logo that appeals to potential users and is compatible with the strategic plan after learning about your target market. Your company’s brand should reflect how they see morals if young people or retirees are your target demographic.

Show existing work. If you have previously developed a logo and company name and registered a trademark, it will be easier for the designer to navigate your vision. Perhaps, they will learn something from these developments, which will speed up the work.

Approve the designer’s work

Discuss the completed brief with the designer, approve all the points, and discuss the stages of the work. Be in touch with the designer and show interest and initiative.

Patent your brand

Register your identity once the designer is finished with it to prevent rivals from using comparable graphics.

To protect your corporate identity as intellectual property, you must apply to the relevant authorities in your country

Corporate identity brings its owner the following benefits:

  • Helps the consumer navigate the flow of information and quickly and accurately find the product of a company that has already won their preference.
  • Allows the company to bring new products to the market at a lower cost.
  • Increases the effectiveness of advertising.
  • Reduces the cost of forming communications.
  • Aids in achieving cohesion not only in the company’s advertising but also in other forms of marketing communications (such as public relations, which includes hosting press conferences and publishing prestigious prospectuses, among other things).
  • Positively affects the aesthetic level and visual environment of the company.

TM awareness is a key tool for fostering a positive perception of the company and its brand.

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