15 Things To Do To Prepare for Digital Nomad Life

We discuss 15 things to do to prepare for digital nomad life.


No matter the age you are now as a digital nomad, Travel Begins At 40 wants to discuss 15 things to do to prepare for digital nomad life. Pack your bags and experience the world as you work on the schedule best for you!

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1. Get a Passport

Traveling the world requires a passport!

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2. Get a Travel Visa, If Needed

Look at the travel visa guidelines in the area you wish to travel to and apply for one accordingly.

3. A Few Suitcases Pre-Packed at Home

Rather than packing and unpacking the same suitcase when you come home, make life easier and have a few suitcases on deck to just grab and go on your next adventure.

4. Supplies for Your Laptop

Have multiple chargers on hand in case one stops working. Keep your laptop safe in a designated bag along with all its supplies.

5. Networking

Network with other digital nomads. Learn their best practices and draw inspiration from them.

6. Find Multiple Streams of Income

Work your usual job and find a way to receive a passive stream of income whether it’s interest from an investment or rental payments you receive from a tenant temporarily using your property.

7. Save Your Money

Traveling the world takes a lot of money. Spend only on the bills and necessities and save what you can for your upcoming trips around the world.

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8. Purchase Travelers Insurance

If you do not have international health insurance coverage in the area in which you are visiting, purchasing traveler’s insurance will help you get the medical attention you need during your world exploration.

9. Build Your Portfolio

Whether you keep project files in Google Docs or display your work on a blog, create a portfolio to get more clients and increase your income.

10. Get a Social Media Account and Blog

Discuss your life as a digital nomad on a social media account and a blog platform to eventually build another stream of passive income.

11. Explore Job Boards

Always be on the hunt for new clients. Even if you have enough income for now, it’s best to constantly seek to expand your horizons.

12. Get Your Home in Order

Depending on how often you will be traveling the world, you may not be home too much. Empty the fridge of perishable goods that could go bad during your next trip. Arrange for someone to come to your home to feed your pets if you cannot take them with you. Ask a neighbor to pick up your mail while you are gone or have it forwarded to your PO Box during your trip.

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13. Plan Your Trips

Look up tourist attractions and hotel accommodations in the countries you wish to explore. Book your hotel stays months in advance to get an Early Bird discount. Write out an itinerary on where you will visit each day that you are at your destination.

14. Get a VPN Service

Since you will be on public Wi-Fi servers in local hotels and libraries while working remotely, get a VPN service. The acronym stands for Virtual Private Network, which keeps your browsing history private as you work on your projects anywhere in the world.

15. Evaluate Your Current Expenses

You want as much income as possible to put toward your travel expenses. Get out of long-term leases with a home or apartment if you are renting. Find a shorter-term lease home option to lessen your monetary output.

If you have subscription services you do not use so much, cut them out. These can be gym memberships, streaming services, magazine subscriptions, and the like. Live with as few expenses as possible to liven up your travel experience.

Final Thoughts

What else have you done to prepare for your life as a digital nomad? Let us know in the comments below!

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