Discussing Health Benefits of Collagen Intake

Collagen supplementation can provide a wide array of health benefits and advantages.



Since the beginning, people have been insistently disregarding the nutritional merit of collagen due to having a poor amino acid profile. And to some extent, I support it as well.

However, that doesn’t mean you should overlook the other benefits it brings to the table. Yes, intaking collagen won’t necessarily help you build muscles due to the scarcity of amino acids, however it most certainly serves plenty of health benefits.

But, it can improve your skin health, boost your brain’s functionality, and enhance your current sleep cycle. Keep reading to know more about it.

What is Collagen?

Collagen, in general, is a protein that’s abundantly produced and available in your body. It’s the primary component of the connective tissues that partake in the creation of several body parts:

  • Ligaments.
  • Tendons, and
  • Muscles.

There are around 28 different types of collagen available in your body as well. But, amongst all of them, only four are considered to be the most prevent ones:

  • Type I (found in various types of connective tissues).
  • Type II (found in intervertebral discs and joints).
  • Type III (found in the reticular fibers).
  • Type IV (found in your inner eye, eye lens, and the kidneys).

Including some specific foods, like bone broth and pork skin, can increase your intake of collagen. However, you can also consume a collagen supplement to gain the same results.


The Benefits of Intaking Collagen

Collagen supplementation can provide a wide array of health benefits and advantages. It might include the following:

1.     Can Improve Your Skin Health.

Collagen is a significant and major component of your skin. So, by taking it regularly, you can strengthen your epidermis and increase the elasticity and hydration of the same. It, in turn, will prevent aging and save you from an early occurrence of wrinkles and dry skin.

2.     Protect Your Bone Joints.

By intaking collagen daily, you can increase the proteoglycan content surrounding your bone’s joint cartilage. It can strengthen your bone density and prevent it from breaking easily. Taking collagen can also improve osteoarthritis-related symptoms.

3.     Heal Your Guts.

Glycine, a component available in collagen, is capable of decreasing inflammation in your guts and building new tissues surrounding it. This can help your stomach in healing up quickly from some sort of damage, like ulcer, quickly. It may improve digestive competence as well.

4.     Enhance Your Sleep Cycle.

As a form of inhibitory neurotransmitter, collagen can also instill calmness in your senses and reduce your anxiety level effectively. Besides, it can increase the production of melatonin while improving your sleep cycle even more. It can also decrease your stress to some extent.

5.     Getting Rid of Free Radicals.

A daily collagen intake can also help your body get rid of free radicals efficiently. This, in turn, can lower the risk of oxidative stress and cancer. Additionally, by lowering the number of free radicals in your body, you can also improve your overall health to some extent.

6.     Takes Care of Your Brain Health.

As per a report, intaking collagen regularly can improve your visual and verbal memory. Also, it can be used to ensure that you are offering sustained attention to a subject. This will improve your understanding of a subject or conversation.

7.     May Prevent Bone Loss.

All of our bones are mostly made of collagen, which provides them with strength and structure. Hence, if you have been diagnosed, which is affecting your bones and causing bone loss, it will be essential to consume collagen supplements. This way, it might reduce the extremity of osteoporosis and improve your bone density again. But, again, even if you want to consume collagen, it’s a must that you consult with a doctor first.

The Bottom Line!

Collagen turnover, in essence, is a slow and gradual process. Hence, no matter how frequently you are consuming it, it may take you sometime before you can experience any difference.

According to a study, it might take around eight weeks before the supplement starts working. It can sometimes take even more depending on the disease you are suffering from. So, it’s best to be patient and wait for a while. Consult with a doctor if you feel like it’s not working out.

Good luck!

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