Among the dozens of gambling games that abound on the internet, bingo remains popular and loved by millions of players around the world. Thanks to its advantages and contribution of winnings, this social game has a special place in the gamblers’ hearts over time. Online bingo enthusiasts will find delight in SammyBingo’s Top Bingo sites for a sensational gaming experience. Thus, it is quite possible to play bingo anywhere in the world, and cities such as London or Amsterdam remain the most preferred destinations for bingo players.

For the aficionados who plan a bingo adventure, this article invites them to discover which of London or Amsterdam is the best destination to play bingo online.

Benefits of playing online bingo

Online bingo has many advantages since players can play at a time that suits them best. To start the adventure, all they have to do is find a reliable site, complete their registration, and make a deposit. With the amazing growth of the online gaming market, picking your favouirte bingo is a walk in the park, with different variants of the game available. The lucky players will boost winnings, depending on their bets, that will be immediately credited to their account. Similar to online gambling sites, bingo casinos offer a variety of bonuses and promotions to increase their chances of winning and give them more opportunities to play. From beginners to experts, every type of bingo lover is allowed to find their perfect mobile bingo sites on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Why should we play online bingo in London?

Bingo has become a British cultural mainstay, appearing up and down the whole of the UK including London. By allowing operators to expand their businesses, technological advancements certainly enable bingo prominence as a reputed online entertainment activity in London. Finding reliable sites to play bingo is very important for players, and London is where gambling and safety go together. London has a long list of bingo sites regulated by the powerful UK Gambling Commission for players’ protection to keep crime out of gambling. In fact, with highly advanced encryption technology, players can share their personal information without risk as it is kept confidential. They can manage their bankrolls securely, and move funds in a safe and transparent environment through reliable banking options. This proves that the most multicultural city is the best destination to entertain with a variety of online bingo variations.

Why should we play online bingo in Amsterdam?

Online gaming grows into one of the biggest markets in the Netherlands with several licensed online bingo sites available to Dutch players. As the Dutch government is very strict concerning gambling, the country legalises and regulates online gambling through the Remote Gambling Act. Gambling in the Netherlands is under the regulation of the Dutch national regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) established on 1 April 2012. Players can be sure to play in a safe environment, pick their favorite games on many different platforms, and have plenty of options for both deposits and withdrawals. One of the omnipresent games in the Dutch online gaming market is bingo, with many web-based local and offshore bingo sites. Online bingo sites will not only offer a huge selection of games but a plethora of bonuses bundled with smooth wagering requirements also waiting for players.

Overall winner: London or Amsterdam

We have to admit that playing bingo online is as interesting in London as it is in Amsterdam. The two destinations offer almost similar advantages, both regulate gambling tightly by applying strict laws to reduce potential harm to society. Actually, the British gambling watchdog, UKGC, and the Dutch Regulator KSA share the same purpose, to center on the online gambling area enhancement. As a result, exploring web-based bingo games in these two countries promises an outstanding experience where players will feel more comfortable in their adventure. It is also worth noting that London resembles Amsterdam regarding the bingo sites’ bonuses and promotions. One thing is for sure, playing online bingo in London or Amsterdam offers something unique in a safe and secure mood.


Blessed with a rich history, bingo has renewed its popularity in recent years with the emergence of the online gaming industry. Internet bingo can be accessed anywhere in the world and at any time. Bingo players have their preferences when it comes to places to enjoy a variety of bingo games. London and Amsterdam remain at the top of the list of most beloved destinations for bingo enthusiasts. The web-based bingo in the UK as well as in the Netherlands are ruled by powerful regulatory bodies offering a high level of safety and protection to their players.