Most Scenic Drives and Day Trips in Pennsylvania 

Let's explore the most scenic drives and day trips in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania has a wide variety of beautiful landscapes and scenic drives that put it top on the list of perfect destinations for people seeking to explore the outdoors on a road trip. From its lush forests, rolling hills, picturesque rivers, and historic sites, there is something everyone will enjoy.

You only need to know the right places to visit. If you are new to Pennsylvania and don’t know the routes for the perfect road trip, this guide will take you through some of the most breathtaking sites in PA. So start packing your bags and be ready to explore what this beautiful state has to offer.

Most Scenic Drives in Pennsylvania 

The Grand Canyon

While not as large or as dramatic as the main Grand Canyon, Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon, officially known as the Pine Creek Gorge, is still a beautiful destination offering scenic views to nature lovers. 

There are two main routes to the gorge. The first is Route 6 from Wellsboro, which runs along the gorge’s rim, offering several overlooks of the gorge and its forest. The most scenic of the overlooks is Leonard Harrison State Park. 

The other route is Route 414, which runs at the bottom of the gorge, giving a different perspective of the gorge. You will find several trailheads on this road, making it the best option for people looking to engage in other activities, such as hiking and fishing.

A Trip through Amish Country 

If you love classic movies depicting a simplistic way of life, a drive through the Amish country can give you the feeling of traveling through time. The Amish country features lush farmlands, rolling hills, and narrow, winding roads lined with picturesque farms, barns, and homes. 

Some of the best routes to take to get the most out of the Amish country culture and history include Route 340, Route 30, Route 23, Route 896, and Route 897. Besides sightseeing, you can stop by the several roadside stands to sample its local foods such as cheeses, jams, and baked goods made by hand. 

You could also use this opportunity to interact with the locals, but you may not expect to get a lot from them since they are a reserved community.

Tunkhannock Creek Bridge 

The Tunkhannock Creek Bridge is a steel and concrete viaduct worth seeing while in Pennsylvania. The bridge is part of the Nicholson Cut-Off, a rail line built in the early 1900s to improve the efficiency of the New York, Ontario, and Western Railways. 

The bridge is an engineering marvel and one of the largest reinforced concrete bridges in the world. It is 2,375 feet long and reaches over 100 feet above Tunkhannock Creek, offering scenic views of the bridge and the surrounding area, and it’s also a great spot for photography. 

The main road leading to the bridge is Pennsylvania Route 92, also known as Tunkhannock Avenue, which runs through the town of Nicholson and connects to the bridge via PA-92A. Other routes to the destination include Route 29 and Route 17. 

No Matter Where You Visit, Be Road Ready and Know What to Do in an Accident 

Accident During a Road Trip

Road trips are fun. But they also mean staying on the road for hours and the risk of an accident. So before you hit the road, it is important to prepare for any eventualities and, most importantly, know what to do if an accident occurs. 

The first thing to do after an accident is to seek medical attention. If the injuries are severe, the best approach is to call 911, which brings the police and paramedics to the scene. Even when you may not suffer visibly severe injuries, it is best to see an ER doctor to rule out the possibility of hidden injuries. 

As you await assistance at the scene, it would be a good idea to document the accident, which can help add weight to your case. You do not need to worry if you can’t document the scene; your lawyer can handle that on your behalf.

So be sure to contact trusted car accident attorneys after an accident to help you with your case, especially if you intend to file a claim against the at-fault party. 

Final Words

There is no shortage of places to visit and enjoy on a road trip in Pennsylvania. The places listed in this post are some of the most scenic in the state that will leave you with an experience of a lifetime. 

However, you will want to exercise caution while on the road to minimize the chances of getting into an accident.

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