See the Most Interesting Casinos in the World This Year

There are casinos that are worth visiting even if gambling is not among your plans.


In the age of American based online casinos, there are many people who no longer feel the need to fly to Vegas for a gambling-fueled bender. After all, the games you’d stumble upon at the Wynn or the Venetian are all available online – and there’s never a queue, there’s always a cold drink at hand, and nobody frowns upon you playing with your shoes off. But this only applies to those who go to casinos for the games.

You may argue that there’s no other reason to go to a casino than to gamble. Actually, there are casinos that are worth visiting even if gambling is not among your plans. alternatively you can try an avia chip casino login.

Casinó di Venezia, Venice, Italy

Did you know that the Sands’ famous Las Vegas resort, The Venetian, has been inspired by Venice? The tower in front of the Venezian Tower hotel is a copy of St Mark’s Campanile, and the resort, in general, bears the mark of classic Venetian architecture, including the famed Casinó di Venezia.

The winter home of the Venice casino is a 15th-century palazzo facing the Grand Canal called Ca’ Vendramin Calergi. It was commissioned by a wealthy local family, the Loredans, in 1481, and finished in just 27 years – surprisingly fast by the times’ standards. Over the centuries, the building changed hands several times, serving as a home to politicians, even crowned heads, and famed composer Richard Wagner, who even passed away among its walls. The palazzo was purchased by the City Council of Venice in the mid-1940s and converted into a casino – among others – in the late 1950s.

Aside from being the oldest casino building in Europe – possibly the world – Ca’Vendramin Calergi also houses a museum in memory of Richard Wagner.

The Venetian Las Vegas, USA

Venice (the one in Italy) is said to be one of the most fascinating and romantic places to visit, especially in the Carnival season (between mid-February and early March this year). But if you’re looking for impressive architecture and gondolieri without flying overseas, there’s always The Venetian, a massive and beautiful casino resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Venetian has replicas of various landmarks from Venice, including the Palazzo Ducale, the Lion of Venice Column, the Rialto Bridge, and perhaps the one that’s the most outstanding, the replica of St Mark’s Campanile, the bell tower of the St. Mark’s Basilica.

Under the Venice-inspired look and feel, The Venetian comes with all the attractions and entertainment options you could imagine, from museums to night clubs, shopping malls, theatres, and countless amazing restaurants.

Sun City Casino Resort, Sun City, South Africa

The most interesting thing about Sun City is its setting: it is set in the middle of the bush, a couple of hours away from Johannesburg, it’s right next to the Pilanesberg National Park and Game Reserve, the fourth largest park in South Africa. This, along with the on-premises water park Valley of Waves, makes it an attractive surf-and-safari location in the country.

The Sun City resort is made up of a series of sub-resorts, each one with its own theme and hotel.

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Finally, let us mention one of the most expensive – and most impressive – entertainment complexes ever, the Resorts World Sentosa. Its 160000 square foot casino is just one of the many attractions crammed into the 120-acre complex that comes with its own Universal Studios theme park, maritime museum, and the Marine Life Park – currently the second-largest oceanarium in the world.

The amount spent on the resort is itself impressive: Genting spent more than $5 billion on the complex.

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