A Beer Enthusiasts Guide to Women-Owned Breweries

Read on for a guide on and you might just uncover some amazing craft beers made with a special extra something by women in the industry.


If you travel often, the urge to try something new, unique, and exciting almost always comes naturally. And for most people who love the beverage, a beer-tasting experience – especially at the source – could make for unforgettable travel moments. But what about exploring unique flavors that only brewmasters with a feminine touch can bring?

As it turns out, less than 3.0 percent of breweries in the U.S. are entirely owned by women according to recent statistics. So, “what better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than visiting one of these breweries?” one would wonder! Indeed, women persevere in some of the most male-dominated industries, and being is not an exception.

They bring a unique touch to it too, so read on for a guide on and you might just uncover some amazing craft beers made with a special extra something by women in the industry.

Women-Owned Breweries

Yes, a Woman’s Touch Can Be Special In a Brew!

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between beer made at a female-owned or managed brewery and one made elsewhere? Well, with female brewers being in short supply across the world of craft beer, it’s hard to have universal answers.

However, women are for sure known to be more focused, attentive, and creative in their management approaches. Their minds are also wired to better understand procedures to do with recipes, an extremely crucial aspect in the beer-making process.

Most women are also passionate about what they do and will be determined to prove believers of male dominance wrong. Alongside their profound ability to create something that gives the palate a decent massage, perhaps these distinctive profiles are partly why people rave about beers made with a woman’s touch!

Explore Women-Owned Taprooms 

If learning about beer and culture in between trips fascinates you, this is yours! Exploring a female-owned taproom provides you not only the opportunity to taste new types of craft beer, but also to meet other fellow beer enthusiasts in your area. You may even make connections with staff members, who might even fill you in on what makes their breweries stand out.

Plus, having an intimate understanding of where some top-quality craft beers come from can strengthen your knowledge as a beer connoisseur. It’s also a chance to provide much-needed loyal support for these fantastic enterprises!

Enjoy, Learn, and Support Brewery Experiences 

If you’re a beer enthusiast, a visit to a woman-owned brewery is likely to be unique, luxurious, and full of exciting surprises. It’s also an exciting opportunity to learn more about women in brewing industry leadership, discover new hop combination recipes, and even the tricks they use to streamline their brewing process.

For instance, automation is becoming common-stay in the brewing industry, and you can bet that women owners would be on the frontline to utilize these solutions. From tools that help streamline beer production management like Ollie’s software for breweries, to robotics equipment and automated cleaners, learning the secrets from a woman’s perspective can be fascinating and inspiring.

Plus, taking part in such activities can often open your eyes as you discover investment opportunities in these businesses. You never know how far your support will go in helping create even more desirable new beers!

Unearth Unique Collaborations 

Women-owned breweries are home to some of the most unique collaborations between craft beer establishments – from seasonal ales and one-off brews to creative packaging approaches. Visiting such a brewery could be your chance to get in on the action and taste something delicious that doesn’t or may never appear anywhere else! 

And with these brewers often taking their time creating bespoke and artistic collaboration products – it’s an opportunity for each person involved to truly take pride in their accomplishments achieved through hard work and inventive cooperation.

From delicious beverages to enlightening conversations – experiencing a craft beer created and managed with a feminine touch is an unforgettable experience that no beer enthusiast should miss. With this guide at your fingertips, you’ll hopefully have an unforgettable experience by including visits to women-owned breweries in the mix.

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