Cannabis Tourism Is Becoming a Big Travel Trend in 2023 

Do you want a fresh, exciting, action-packed vacation experience in 2023? Weed travels are the new normal


People plan trips and vacations around different themes, from poolside adventures and music festivals to camping in the woods and even weed travels.

In recent years, marijuana tourism, a new travel concept, has stolen the hearts of many holidaymakers. More states continually legalize medical and recreational weed use, increasing the number of out-of-town guests in search of cannabis-oriented experiences.

Some seek new insights on growing top-shelf, whereas others simply want to have fun.

Read on to discover the potential of this emerging travel trend, how it affects other sectors, and some fun activities to consider for cannabis vacationers.

What Is Weed Tourism?

Cannabis tourism is a form of leisure travel aimed at indulging in weed use in jurisdictions that permit it.

It may also involve participating in recreational tours and educational seminars to collect insights into the herb’s long history.

If you’ve ever gotten together with friends to tour a vineyard for wine sampling, marijuana vacays carry a similar vibe, swapping sips of full-bodied reds for puffs of lemon cherry gelato.

Thanks to the numerous reported physical and mental benefits associated with marijuana, more holidaymakers are incorporating cannabis into their itineraries.

Therapeutic users actively seek weed-themed accommodations, cruises, or events to complement their wellness interests.

The goal for many enthusiasts is to infuse marijuana culture into different travel experiences to avoid losing touch with the herb.

Is this revolution profitable for the hospitality sector? You bet.

In 2022, cannabis vacays earned about $17 billion, fueled mainly by the rapid legalization drive in many states.

This prospect increases the demand for 420-friendly hotels, rentals, and funfairs as they leverage the massive potential.

Most of the top travel destinations for retirees offer exclusive cannabis-inspired packages targeting leisure-oriented and medical-minded vacationers. They aim to keep guests as close to their usual home routines as possible.

The Inspiration for Marijuana Travels

So far, 21 states, Guam, the District of Columbia, and the Northern Mariana Islands have legalized recreational weed. Medical cannabis also has some restrictions, as only 37 states permit its use.

This legal limitation compels certain cannabis users to travel to other states to acquire weed products.

Some liberal jurisdictions allow consumption in public places like beaches, lounges, and inside vehicles, satisfying the quest for freedom.

Besides escaping restrictions, many weed vacationers travel in pursuit of more dynamic experiences.

It may be growers benchmarking at commercial-grade cultivation setups or enthusiasts looking to try different region-specific smoking paraphernalia and consumption methods.

Popular Cannabis Tourism Activities

Besides touring the most interesting casinos in the world, there are other thrilling ways to get the ultimate vacation experience.

Below are the top sought-after weed tourism activities many enthusiasts are raving about in 2023:

Farm Stays

Cannabis farm stays offer one of the most electrifying countryside experiences for travelers. They provide a spacious, serene, and peaceful environment to unwind with nature in marijuana’s company.

Waking up in these facilities feels heavenly, thanks to plenty of recreation. Enjoy your favorite edible before taking a horseback ride, or devour an infused five-course meal after an adventurous fishing expedition.

Some hosts also provide elaborate farm-to-dispensary tours and customized nightly events to educate guests while keeping the pot vibe alive.

Bud and Breakfasts

These hospitality facilities offer accommodation while permitting marijuana use. Some hosts may prohibit smoking inside the room and restrict it to outside areas like yards and common spaces.

They also provide their guests with information about reliable dispensaries nearby and other recommendations like captivating places to visit.

Bud and breakfast establishments usually appeal to those looking for a safe space to enjoy weed as part of their lifestyle.

For instance, a traveler used to a wake-and-bake morning routine would enjoy sleeping here to avoid disrupting their daily ritual.

All-Inclusive Vacation Rentals

These 420-friendly facilities are the classic epitome of a full-spectrum canna tourism experience. Besides allowing travelers to smoke on site, they also provide other extras:

  • Fully stocked bud bars
  • CBD massages
  • Marijuana yoga and cooking classes
  • Dedicated cannabis chefs
  • Puff, pass, and paint
  • Zip lining over marijuana farms
  • Behind-the-scenes weed preparation
  • 420-themed town cruises
  • Cannabis karaokes

How Can the Hospitality and Retail Sectors Adapt to Cannabis Tourism?

As different sectors embrace the cannabis narrative, weed travels are bound to thrive in many states.

How can the hospitality industry prepare for this shift?

To be proactive, hotels in legal jurisdictions should review their policies to fully harness the growing cannabis-oriented clientele. Allowing guests to consume weed in their rooms or on their premises is one way to accommodate marijuana travelers.

Eliminating the cannabis consumption hassle compels hotel visitors to pay more, raking in additional profits for proprietors. Going the extra mile to provide paraphernalia like bowls and bongs for communal use encourages vacationers to prolong their stays.

The hospitality sector should also consider upping its wellness inclusion into different service offerings. Many cannabis travelers are after holistic experiences to improve their quality of life.

For instance, a hotel providing personalized amenities like marijuana-infused facials, spa treatments, and massages portrays more appeal to holidaymakers.

The retail cannabis sector also needs a change of tack to enhance tourism experiences.

Budtenders should have the capacity to educate their customers on the herb while recommending potential recreational activities in the local area. To this end, dispensaries need to conduct regular staff training.

Cannabis Tourism Is Here to Stay; Embrace It

As cannabis goes mainstream, expect a boom in global and inter-state marijuana travels.

Easing cannabis restrictions increases the number of theme-specific holidaymakers, and the hospitality sector can make the most out of this.

Hotels, vacation rentals, and dispensaries should strive to align their services to the evolving tourism ecosystem, which now incorporates canna travelers.

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