How To Earn Money While Traveling in Japan

Use this handy guide about ways to make money while traveling in Japan. 


You’ve been wanting to get out of your current town and try something new, and you’ve decided Japan is calling! It’s easy to see why, with its incredible natural beauty, fascinating traditions and wonderful people. 

Do you feel the need to spread your wings for longer than just a short holiday? If you’d like to really get to know Japan, but feel unsure about money, don’t let that hold you back! Use this handy guide about ways to make money while traveling in Japan.


A more unorthodox solution to making money while traveling, this method involves having a good computer set-up and a little business nous. Essentially, you will be making use of various online marketing techniques to sell products for a third party company that you don’t own. Once you have everything set up it can be possible to make a lot of money.

Teach in person in Japan

Can you imagine a town without a school? Worldwide, there are towns with less than 100, or less than 50 residents that still have a school, which tells you everything you need to know: where there’s a school there’s a possibility for you to earn money! You can secure a teaching job with good pay with a TEFL certificate, unlocking the door to exciting experiences. Requirements for teaching English in Japan are not hard to find, a quick search will return everything you need to know.

In person teaching means you’ll have to spend longer in one place, and this is an amazing way to actively integrate into the local community. Plus, there are excellent communities around teaching, and some schools actively seek to retain their staff by providing excellent training programs and perks. here are thousands of options waiting for you in Japan for you to work, live, play and explore, all accessible with just one TEFL certificate! 

Teaching online is a great way to experience Japan

This method of teaching has all the possibilities described above and more.: By teaching online,  you can try a different city in Japan every week! Teachers can truly maintain travel independence while teaching online, and there are many companies looking for teachers with a range of experience levels. The industry standard in TEFL certification is 120 hours; pass a rewarding and meticulous TEFL programme, and you’ll be ready to teach in no time.

Teaching online gives you the freedom to choose where you live, whether for a couple of weeks or a month, and means you could be learning what life is like in rural China in one lesson, before getting to grips with in the next! 

Whether teaching in-person or online, there’s nothing quite like teaching to help you understand the way a place works. You’ll get a whistlestop tour of the culture whether through an adult’s or a child’s eyes, and both are equally fascinating! 

Day Jobs: Waitering

Want to earn money fast while traveling Japan? Consider temporary work as a waiter or waitress. Many restaurants and cafes in tourist areas welcome short-term help. This offers flexible hours, a chance to interact with locals, and even potential tips to supplement your income. While tips can add to your earnings, the waitress avg salary is high enough to cover your basic needs. Some Japanese language skills are helpful, a positive attitude and willingness to learn are essential.

Writing and publishing a book online

This method can involve a bit of effort and initial planning, but can also reap dividends as a passive income stream once the book is published online and available to the public to buy. You may be surprised to learn that you can do this without the help of a publisher and waiting to get signed with an agent. Yes really! But be sure to think carefully of a trending topic, choosing a good platform to sell it on and a catchy title.

Working remotely is becoming increasingly common

These days so many jobs have gone fully remote – it could be said to be one of the more positive after-effects of Covid. You can search for jobs as you would have done prior to deciding to travel: many job sites now have a ‘remote’ filter which you can apply so you only see jobs which can be done from anywhere!

Understand Japan’s travel paperwork

Does the idea of applying for travel and work visas fill you with dread? You’re not alone in that! In order to stay on the right side of the law and maximise the money you can make, get familiar with your visa options by checking Japan’s government website to make sure you get the most up-to-date information. 

If you are aiming to travel around Japan for 30 days or less, you may be eligible for a free tourist visa which you automatically receive on entry, but check the restrictions that apply to your home country before traveling. Otherwise, there are a range of longer term options to explore – get in touch with the Japanese embassy for accurate details.

Now you have a range of ideas about how to make money while traveling in Japan, all that’s left is to decide and book those tickets!

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