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Travel Begins at 40 has scanned the globe to collate our tips on where to go in April from Argentina to Mozambique, and from Washington DC to Yangon.

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Travel Begins at 40 has scanned the globe to collate our tips on where to go in April from Argentina to Mozambique, and from Washington DC to Yangon.

If March is the month when spring takes its first tentative steps out from the cold, then April is when it proudly announces its presence in all its brilliance. In South America, autumn is in full flow, while further north the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. Over in Southeast Asia, April is the month where the New Year is celebrated.

The key question is where to go on holiday in April. From blooming DC to Maputa and Luang Prabang, here is our bite-size guide to the best places to go in April to help you decide.

Where to Go in April for Sun


Where To Go in April Maputo Mozambique, photo Rohan Reddy
Maputo Mozambique, photo Rohan Reddy

If you are wondering where is hot to go in April, then you might just consider Mozambique. The rainy season is ending, so if you visit in April, the humidity lessens and the temperature is a touch lower while the vegetation is still verdant. Mozambique is a fascinating mix of southern Africa with an infusion of Portuguese culture from the colonial period; still evident in the capital city, Maputo, especially in the buildings of the Baixa district and the domed railway station.

The FEIMA market and National Art Gallery are part of a lively cultural scene. The tiny Mozambique Island, in the north, a Unesco World Heritage Site is fascinating for its history. The white sand beaches on the Indian Ocean are incredibly beautiful, with the best located in the south of the country. Then there are the national parks of Gorongosa in the Great Rift Valley and Chimanimani in the mountains.

Where to Go in April on Holiday


perito moreno glacier patagonia argentina
Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

With the arrival of autumn in Argentina, the high season is over, and the kids are back in school. The weather is still pleasant, however, and travel prices are falling. Buenos Aires is a vibrant city and a great place to walk around, pause in coffee shops and enjoy the architecture whether it is neoclassical, art deco or art nouveau. The Casa Rosada presidential palace and La Recoleta cemetery (where the tomb of Eva Peron is located), are especially worth seeing. When you seek refreshment take high tea and cakes at a traditional establishment where the decor will look early twentieth century.

Argentina is a country of tremendous variety. In the north, the mighty falls of Iguazu also form the border with Paraguay and Brazil. To the south, the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia is a dramatic must-see. Mendoza is the region of wines and the east has a number of attractive beach areas such as Mar del Plata. And if you want a real adventure travel to Ushaia in Terra del Fuego, the most southerly city in the world.

Say Happy New Year … Again

Thailand and Cambodia 

People in traditional ceramony in Songkran festival for pay respect the elderly and holy thing - Songkran festival of northern Thai traditional holiday concept, Deposit Photos
People in traditional ceramony in Songkran festival for pay respect the elderly and holy thing, Deposit Photos

Meanwhile in Southeast Asia, the long, dry season is beginning to yield to what tourism authorities have started to dub the green season. Often this is the best time to visit the region, especially if you catch a dramatic thunderstorm. But first you have to say Happy New Year preferably with a water pistol. Songkran is the biggest celebration in Thailand. The whole country grinds to a halt as children play games, and grown-ups become soaked whether they want to or not. If you want to venture into a water battle then make sure you first wrap your valuables in plastic – or better still leave them locked in your room.

Bangkok and Chiang Mai are great places to join in Songkran, or you could go to Cambodia for Khmer New Year.

Sicily, Italy

Where To Go in April Scopello, Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, Samuel Ferrara
Scopello, Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, photo Samuel Ferrara

As the temperatures start to rise, at least in southern Europe, Sicily is a great island to visit for April. From the temples of Agrigento and Taormina to the still active volcano of Etna and the amazing cuisine – try the cannoli in Palermo, Sicily really does have it all. Wonderful beaches, clichéd-crystal-clear seas – you really can drip your car keys and find them –, and millennia of culture, there is something here for all.

Both Syracuse and Erice are wonderful places, and even Catania has its charm. And you can always take the boat to the Aeolian islands and have a volcanic mud bath if you find Sicily itself too busy. You might even bump into the odd Don or two. Expect lots of ceremonies with the approach of Easter, or if you really want to do something crazy, hire a car and drive around the whole of the island over the extended Easter holidays – you certainly won’t be alone.

Rules and regulations upon where you can travel and how are consequently changing, we recommend you consult https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/ to check each country’s current entry requirements before you book anything.

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