Tips to Make Your Next Travel More Sustainable and Earth-Friendly

Let’s save and protect the environment today for future generations, by taking a few necessary steps every time while traveling. Here are some tips for you.

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Who doesn’t love traveling, and who doesn’t wait the whole year for the travel time? This is the activity most people get the best joy and memories. This is the gift that we receive from the arts, architecture, and of course, nature. Unfortunately, often we are unconscious when it comes to responsible traveling.

This article covers a few aspects of sustainable traveling, which aims to protect nature and the environment with all its components – resources, animals, etc. You travel to an amazing seaside or architecturally rich country and want your children to have the same opportunity in the future.

So, let’s save and protect the environment today for future generations, by taking a few necessary steps every time while traveling. Here are some tips for you.

Plan Your Trip Carefully

Before having the trip, plan your activities carefully. It is always better to have your map of actions, which not only helps to ease the stress of finding yourself in a new environment but also saves some money for you. Let’s look through some examples. Many people specifically visit casino sights when they want to have an easy time. Well, in tourist destinations you might not find public transport at a late time. Taxis are usually expensive. If you have visited a popular destination, then entry fees can be quite high. So, consider gambling online roulette instead, from the comfort of your hotel room. Fewer expenses for you, fewer CO2 emissions for the Earth.

Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, you can try street food. And this is not for those who have low expectations. Many culinary professionals suggest the same because sometimes the best traditional cuisine can be found on the street rather than at a reputable restaurant. Helping the local community is one of the ways to make your travel sustainable.

Is Your Destination Sustainable?

Let’s come from the opposite side of the topic. Sustainability can be concerning not only your activities but also the country itself where you want to spend your holidays. Generally, if you visit somewhere where no circumstances are created to make life earth-friendly, your efforts will have almost zero impact.

There are countries in the world that make significant investments to develop sustainability policies, and to change people’s behavior and the impact of their everyday life on the environment. Pick your destination based on these arguments as well.

Sweden is the greenest country
Sweden is the greenest country

Sweden is the greenest country that aims to reduce emissions by 100% by 2045. Although you better travel to Sweden in summer when it’s warmer there and the day is longer than during Autumn and Winter. Other countries are Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, etc. Environmentally not friendly countries, on the other hand, include Liberia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and a few others.

Where is Your Accommodation Located?

There are travelers for whom the accommodation is a priority: where is it located, how far is it from the city center, etc. Whether you’re one of them or you care only about the time you will be spending on fun activities, this issue does matter. For instance, in 2020, passenger cars produced three billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Leaving closer to the city center means using less public or private transport. Walk instead or ride a bicycle, which is healthy both for you and planet Earth.

Save Water and Not Only…

If you booked a hotel room, all the utility expenses are included in the package, but this doesn’t mean that you will not care about the amount of water and electricity you use. The rules that you have in your home, like closing the water tap while brushing your teeth, must be applied everywhere.

Some people leave the conditioning system switched on and leave the room, so when they come back in the night, they find it cool and enjoyable. If you knew what the price for that is, you would probably never act like that. Careless energy consumption is one of the biggest threats to the planet and the global warming situation.

What Do You Drive?

We ask this question to see how cool you are. And yes, choosing your transportation type with the environment in their mind is the coolest thing someone could be famous for. It’s not necessary to travel too far every time to spend your holiday. Magnify the map, you may have missed nearby locations that have fancy circumstances to enjoy free time.

If you decide to visit other countries, then consider the train rather than the airplane (if available), since it’s more sustainable. Especially if you travel to Europe, many countries are connected by train lines, so you can easily go from one country to another only by train.

Technology advancements, such as battery analytics has allowed for electric vehicle’s to be considered an eco-friendly alternative. This can help with long term sustainability and for travellers to be more eco conscious when travelling between destinations.

Unfortunately, many airlines offer cheaper tickets than you could pay for the train, but it’s not all about the money, but the moments you can experience. Think about the journey, safety, and the planet, of course.

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