Pereira Colombia: Coffee and Hot Springs

Located in the western Andes, Pereira Colombia is a pleasant city to explore, in the midst of the coffee region, near Santa Rosa de Cabal.

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Located in the western Andes, Pereira Colombia is a pleasant city to explore, in the midst of the coffee region. Nearby, and not to be missed, are the waterfall and hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal.

Pereira Colombia Things To Do

The cathedral, the art museum and the Plaza Bolivar are all centrally located and worth a visit. Pereira used to have a railway line and the old station has been turned into a coffee shop at the edge of a park. For sweeping views of the city, it is well-worth taking the cable car system of transportation.

There is a zoo located in the Jardin Exotico Kamala, to the west of the city and a botanical garden in the Technological University. The Regional Park of Ucumari sits astride the Otun River, which connects to Lake Otun. Both are very beautiful.

Santa Rosa de Cabal
Thermal hot springs at Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia

However, many would consider the biggest attraction to be the hot springs or Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal. There are a series of hot pools and a picturesque waterfall located at the end of a valley with on-site spa. You can get there easily by taking a local bus from near the Exito Supermarket in the centre of Pereira then change again in the central plaza in Santa Rosa, or hire a metered taxi.

Cultural Attractions around Pereira Colombia

For visits to the coffee region around Pereira, see our piece Tasting the Colombia Coffee Region.

Where to Eat

For local and regional food try the Latino Cocina Popular or La Cantina, and for a range of healthy dishes, the Shagra Pereira. To choose from a wide selection and enjoy the view, there is the SkyLounge in the Soratama Hotel, beside the Plaza Bolivar.

Pereira Colombia Street art
Street art in Pereira Colombia, Photo Mike East

Pereira Colombia Nightlife

Historically, the going out places were located along Carrera 13 and many are still there, but there are options elsewhere too. For a range of live music there is La Caverna del Oso (The Bear’s Cave), check to see what is on each night. That is on Calle 4 #12-04. El Templo del Vallenato plays — have a guess — vallenato, Colombian country music, though not necessarily live (13-34 Calle 23 #13-2). There are other places that play rock, reggae and salsa.

In general, Pereira is pretty quiet in the week. It starts to pick up a bit on Thursday and is lively on the weekend.

Where to Stay

If you are looking for Pereira Colombia hotels, The 4 star Movich Hotel is well-located with a pool and pleasant views over the city. For a clean and secure budget option that is centrally located try the Hotel Suite Center (Calle 16 #N7-56).

If you want to stay out in the countryside, be pampered and at the hot springs, consider the Hotel Termales Santa Rosa as you will continue to enjoy the pools and waterfall.

Pereira Colombia
Pereira Colombia

How to Get There

Avianca fly direct from London Heathrow to Bogota. From the USA there are direct flights to Bogota fro Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Avianca, Wingo and EasyFly all have local flights from Bogota to Pereira Colombia.

Pereira Colombia Weather

Temperatures in Pereira are quite even through the year. The drier months are December to February, with April, May, July and October being the wettest months, though not markedly more than March, June, August, September or November.

Essentially, Pereira can be visited during any month in the year.

Further information on Pereira

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