Best 10 Sites to Buy Real & Custom Instagram Comments

It isn’t easy to popularize your content on social media, especially on Instagram.


It isn’t easy to popularize your content on social media, especially on Instagram. If you’re looking to boost engagement, increase your visibility and credibility, and create social proof for your brand, there is no easier method than buying Instagram comments.

However, many websites that sell such services are running a scam as they use bots and fake accounts that will lead to your account being banned instead of organic growth. Instead, you should focus on buying real or even custom Instagram comments to get the best results.

After thorough research, the following are the 10 best websites I could find that offer this service.

1. SocialWick: Relevant Comments

For relevant comments from real users that are customized to your preferences, SocialWick is the ultimate destination. Their service is outstanding and they guarantee customer satisfaction. After discussing the specifics of your order, comments will gradually (naturally) show up on your chosen Instagram post.

As they’ve been in business since 2017, SocialWick knows how to make your content go viral through comments and other metrics. They also offer other services, so check out their website for details. 

2. Mixx: Modern Strategies

If you’re looking for a modern Instagram growth strategy, includes a variety of metrics in their Instagram packages. This includes likes, views, impressions, and even relevant comments. While you may have been told that buying comments on their own is the cheaper option, it may not be as effective. 

Instead, Mixx tailors packages for optimal organic growth so you know you’re putting your money to good use.

3. SocialGreg: Security and Discretion

Ensuring discretion in this business is essential, and SocialGreg is the best place you can buy real engagement for your Instagram content with guaranteed confidentiality. Their website is highly secure, and their services are priced among the lowest in the market. 

Again, they do not offer comments on their own, but they are included in their business packages. Although you can get such packages on a free trial, the website does offer a trial for a variety of individual services. Nonetheless, using SocialGreg is guaranteed to boost your growth on Instagram—no matter which package you choose.

4. SubscriberZ: Exceptional Service

Very few users know that SubscriberZ offers the opportunity to buy customized Instagram likes and comments. For an affordable price, you can ask for this service in addition to your power likes or impressions. Their customer service is impeccable, and results are guaranteed to drive organic traffic towards your content. 

If you want to build credibility using Instagram as a platform, this website is the ultimate option to jumpstart the process for your content.

5. Follovery

Another website that has become increasingly popular for providing comments from real users, this is an affordable option for those who don’t have any specific requirements. All you really need to know is that the process works—you can expect to see more organic engagement on your content. 

However, if you’re trying to use this service to create a specific brand image by influencing consumer perception of your brand, this isn’t a good option. Yet, this website earned a spot on this list because of the positive reviews and results we’ve seen from their service. 

6. Buzzvoice

For a slightly higher price, you can get prompt delivery and customized results using this website. They understand the value of getting the right comment type on your Instagram posts, so they ensure that all comments are customized to your preferences.

They may be slightly higher priced that others on this list, but we’ve found that their service lives up to their claims

7. Instafollowers

If you’re worried about spending your hard earned cash on boosting engagement, this website offers an exceptional refund policy. They claim that you’ll get your money back if they don’t deliver on time. Of course, we’ve rarely found that this refund policy is necessary, but it’s nice to know that your rights are protected.

In any case, their comments seem to be provided by real accounts with full bios, which is always a plus. 

8. BuyTopLikes

This website provides comments from profiles that are convincingly real-looking, which is logically more effective than just using any random service. Prices are considered affordable, and you’ll be glad to hear that they offer 24/7 support for customers. 

9. SMM Laboratory

For those with a very small budget, you can try purchasing your likes from this website from random countries 10 at a time. You can also customize the comments you will receive in a number of ways. This includes gender, country, and even whether the comments are negative or positive. This level of customization is admirable and can help hone you brand image better.

10. Express Followers

Last but not least, here’s a website that claims that you’ll get comments on your Instagram content in three clicks. The user interface is hassle-free and straightforward, and they have a high rating by customers (according to reviews they’ve provided). In any case, we believe that their services are more than satisfactory and prompt. 

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is: if you’re looking for a website to get custom Instagram comments from real users—SocialGreg, SocialWick, Mixx, and SubscriberZ are the absolute best choice available this year. They combine fast results and exceptional service with high-quality comments.

Check out their websites if you’re interested in more details. It only takes a few dollars and you can get comments on your content tailored to your needs in minutes.

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