Traveling to Kenya? Here are 6 Top Destinations

Kenya is one of the top safari destinations in the world thanks to its abundant wildlife and nature preserves.


Kenya is one of the top safari destinations in the world thanks to its abundant wildlife and nature preserves. While most visitors come to see the Big 5, its gorgeous shoreline, home to ancient Swahili towns and white, sandy beaches, is extremely popular with tourists.

  1. The Lamu Island

Lamu is a stunning, artistic island off the coast of Kenya, to the northeast of Mombasa. Due to the abundance of Arab and Swahili-designed homes and streets, it has a classic vibe and is a must-see for travelers to Kenya.

The island is also incredibly tranquil, and walking is the best way to experience it. Due to the lack of cars, if any, and the fact that donkeys are the primary mode of transportation on the streets, you could be forgiven for believing you are strolling through a scene from an old film.

It would also be beneficial to pick up a few Swahili phrases to connect with the natives. Coral stone structures, carved wooden doors, secret enclosures, and rooftop terraces are a few of the architectural wonders you can anticipate seeing on this island, making it a must-visit destination.

  1. The Maasai Mara Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest pixabayVisit the Maasai Mara game reserve in Narok County during the months of July (towards the end of the month) and November when the roughly 1.5 million animals, including not only the wildebeest but also the zebras and antelopes, migrate. It is amazing to witness these animals move from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara in search of food and water.

The Mara is also home to over 400 species of birds and 95 species of mammals, including the big five of Africa: The Lion, the Elephant, the Leopard, the Rhino, and the Buffalo, as well as reptiles and amphibians. So, when planning a vacation set aside a few days for a Mara trip.

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  1. The Mount Kenya National Park

Mt. Kenya, Kenya’s tallest summit, with a height of 5,199 meters, is surrounded by The Mount Kenya National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountain provides a breathtaking view of flora, fauna, and snow-capped mountains. The Elephant, Leopard, Hyena, Buffalo, and Monkey are a few of the species you’ll see while you’re here, among others.

This destination is also a fantastic alternative if you are an experienced mountain climber visiting Kenya. The mountain has three glacier-covered peaks, with Batian, Nelion, and Lenana as the highest. Anyone who has scaled one of these peaks will attest that it is an experience they will never forget.

  1. Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Mombasa’s most popular tourist destinations, was constructed by the Portuguese between 1593 and 1596. The building, one of the world’s best examples of Portuguese military architecture from the 16th century, was created by Italian architect Cairati.

The fort, constructed in the form of a man, was given the name Jesus as a striking religious reference. The fort was under the control of nine different countries between 1631 and 1875 before it was ultimately occupied by the British.

Fort Jesus is home to a museum that was constructed over the former garrison barracks. A sizable collection of ceramics and pottery from the numerous cultures that traded along the coast are featured in its exhibits. There are also battlements and ruined structures within Fort Jesus, such as the late 18th-century Omani home, which contains displays of Swahili culture and Omani jewelry. The Passage of Arches was cut through the coral to provide sea access.

  1. The Karen Blixen Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum is located close to Nairobi National Park on the southwest fringes of the city. Her previous residence offers a fascinating glimpse into the author of Out of Africa’s life in Kenya. The famed Danish author resided in this bungalow-style farmhouse at the base of the Ngong Hills from 1917 to 1931. In her renowned memoir, she describes life on the coffee plantation and examines British East Africa’s colonial history and Kenya’s rich cultural heritage.

The home’s rooms are now a historical house museum filled with the author’s original artifacts and period furniture. Being surrounded by lush, green gardens provides a refreshing escape from the bustle of Nairobi’s central business district.

  1. Hell’s Gate National Park

Hells Gate Kenya PixabayHell’s Gate National Park is a terrific choice for individuals looking for an active vacation due to its exceptional rock climbing, hiking, and bicycling. Many people travel here due to its proximity to Nairobi and its more affordable entrance fees.

It is located just south of Lake Naivasha and is named after a small gap in the enormous cliffs of the park. Along with the fiery red rocks that line the narrow gorge, there are a few long-extinct volcanoes to discover. The formations made by cooling molten lava in the distant past are also some of the most striking to photograph.

Because there aren’t many predators in this region of the Great Rift Valley, many visitors ride or hike through the park. Keep an eye out for the local wildlife while visiting the Maasai Cultural Centre and the park’s hot springs. In addition to African buffaloes and elands,  ostriches and hyenas can occasionally be seen hiding among the underbrush.

Final Thoughts

The Republic of Kenya is a fascinating nation known for some of the world’s fastest runners and excellent tourist spots. These six are just a few of the numerous breathtaking destinations in the country and are a great place to start.

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