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Read on to learn more about the best fishing lakes across the U.S.

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The United States has more than 240 lakes countrywide that serve as water sources for humans and wildlife alike, with the five Great Lakes making up 21% of the freshwater found on the Earth’s surface. With these percentages, it is safe to say there is plenty of fishing to be had. 

Whether you are a seasoned angler or want to try something new, the U.S. is packed with many beautiful locations to suit all experience levels. So pack your best fishing tops and your trusty rod for the ultimate fishing experience. 

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is not only the largest lake by surface area in the U.S.; it is the largest in the world. It represents 10% of the freshwater found on the Earth’s surface and is part of the Great Lakes chain. Here, you will find over 80 species of fish, including killifish, northern pike, lake sturgeon, rainbow trout, and carp, to name a few. 

There are two main ways to experience the beauty of Lake Superior. You can choose charter fishing, allowing you to enjoy the incredible fishing experience and time spent on the tranquil waters. Alternatively, you can select one of the many fishing spots located along the extensive shoreline. 

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in California, and it is commonly considered the oldest lake in North America, dating back nearly 2.5 million years ago. It is known for its largemouth bass, bluegill, carp, and catfish populations, with over 100 miles of shoreline to test your skills. 

If you would prefer to get out on the water, you can rent one of the boats available on-site. Additionally, there are various stores and other facilities in the vicinity to buy fishing equipment. 

Lake Tahoe

The majestic Lake Tahoe is the second-deepest lake in the United States and the largest alpine lake in North America. It was formed nearly two million years ago and is considered an ancient lake. It is one of the top-rated tourist destinations in California and Nevada, with many exciting recreational activities, including fishing.

If you are new to the fishing world, it is best to look elsewhere, as facilities here are geared towards more experienced anglers. Mackinaw trout is the biggest catch of this lake, but the cold water environment is also home to goldfish, brook trout, and bluegill. 

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan, the second-largest of the Great Lakes, has shorelines in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Steelhead trout and salmon are the most common species to catch here. However, you will also be able to hook yourself yellow perch, catfish, and bass. 

Suppose you consider yourself a competitive angler looking to participate in fishing tournaments. In that case, you can enter yourself into the Brew City Salmon Tournament, a massively popular tournament along the western shore. 

Lake of the Woods

If you are a fan of walleye, Minnesota’s Lake of the Woods is going to be your personal treasure trove. Early summer fishing is some of the best in the country, with sauger, jumbo perch, muskellunge, trout, and northern pike among the fish species that call it home. 

There are some limitations on the amounts you can catch at one time, so it is essential to properly research and understand any regulations before setting off. With seven boat landings and plenty of tournaments throughout the year, including an ice fishing tournament, there is plenty to do once you arrive. 

Saguaro Lake

Saguaro Lake, located in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, may be smaller than many of the other lakes mentioned, but it is well worth a visit. It is the ideal spot for beginners hoping to hone their angling skills before hitting the big-name locations. 

Try your luck in catching bass, catfish, yellow bass, and walleye while taking in the breathtaking surroundings of this picture-perfect destination. 

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes and is one of the largest freshwater commercial fisheries in the world. This stretch of water contains 50% of all the fish that live across the five Great Lakes. 

If you choose to visit this beautiful location, you will have the opportunity to catch walleye, various species of bass, lake trout, king salmon, and steelhead. The lake is also home to the intimidatingly giant sturgeon. However, they are considered an endangered species and usually live on the bottom, making them difficult to catch.

Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee, also known as ‘Florida’s Inland Sea,’ is the biggest freshwater lake in the state. Its primary source of water is the Kissimmee River, and it hosts over 40 native species of fish as well as other introduced species. If you’re looking for more fishing adventures, another great example is the best deep sea fishing in Key West Florida. While Lake Okeechobee offers a unique freshwater experience, Key West provides an exciting opportunity for deep-sea anglers to explore the rich marine life and enjoy a different facet of the fishing world.

The lake is known for its immense largemouth bass population, with many locals claiming most visitors come specifically for this fish. However, anglers also have the chance to catch catfish, bluegill, and bowfin. For the best experience, it is best to navigate the lake with a boat. However, those familiar with the area and the dangerous animals that call the region home can explore by foot. 

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