132 Essential Case Pro by GRAMS28 Review

Mark Bibby Jackson tries out the 132 Essential Case Pro by GRAMS28.


Mark Bibby Jackson tries out the 132 Essential Case Pro by GRAMS28.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to try the 154 City Pack by GRAMS28. This is where I learned about the company’s philosophy that luxury bags can be functional as well as stylish. I discovered it to be a highly useful bag, especially for urban life, and for someone who is perpetually losing things at the bottom of backpacks.

This time I turn my eye to the 132 Essential Case Pro by GRAMS28.

132 Essential Case Pro

First things first, the 132 has much of the practicality of the 154 without losing any of the stylish design.

132 Essential Case ProAs you can see from the above image, there are pockets for just about everything you might need to carry around with you for a day in town from your phone to camera. There is even the same pouch to keep your sunglasses that I liked so much in the 154 City Pack.

Where the 132 Essential Case Pro mainly differs to the 154 City pack is in its size. Considerably smaller, the 132 is designed as an organisers that can be used as an insert into backpacks or travel bags, or as standalone sling bag.

Putting the 132 to the test, I placed it within my trusty backpack for a day’s trip into London. It slipped in effortlessly, and was easy to retrieve from its confines during the day.

While the 154 City Pack works best as a city bag, the 132 can easily be taken on a trip or holiday to ensure that all your essentials are conveniently located together. Gone are the days of scrambling around at the bottom of your bag for that iphone charger. However it is also sufficiently large be be used as a day bag should you wish.

The only apparent compromise is the absence of the external pouches that you have on the 154 City Pack, which might make it a tad more difficult to retrieve your passport at control.

Just like with the 154 City Pack, the exterior is made from full-grain Italian leather, while the interior is lined with a thick camel-coloured fabric ideal for locating objects in the dark.132 Essential Case Pro


Founded by Benjamin Chan, GRAMS28 is named after the film 21 Grams, which presumes the soul weighs 21 grams. Add this to the seven days of week you can use your bag and you end up with the brand GRAMS28. Each product has ten numbers debossed on them which provide details of the style number, material provider and material type as well as craftspeople behind every creation.

132 Essential Case Pro

The 132 Essential Case Pro retails at $269. For more information click here.

GRAMS28 kindly provided Mark with a review sample of the 132 Essential Case Pro. All images provided by the company.

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