The Best Road Trip Routes in the UK

Are you ready to plan your holidays for 2024? A road trip could be a great option.


Are you ready to plan your holidays for 2024? A road trip could be a great option. You can explore a new area of the UK and escape the cost of expensive flights and accommodation abroad.

Whether it’s Scotland, Cornwall or Wales, the UK has plenty of options for your 2024 road trip. You can make it as luxurious or budget as you want. It all depends on what works for your family and your lifestyle.

Why road trip in the UK?

The UK has more road trips to offer than you might first think. It’s not all grey motorways and housing estates. There are areas of natural beauty to explore, spanning across mountains, coastal regions and the rolling countryside.

You don’t need to book flights, sort visas or worry about travelling to a different country. A UK road trip is a hassle-free road trip that comes at half the cost of a holiday abroad.

The best road trip routes in the UK 

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The North Coast 500 is one of the most famous road trips in Scotland. It spans over 500 miles of coastal scenery, mountains and remote fishing villages. Drive through Inverness-Shire, Wester Ross, Sutherland, Caithness and Easter Ross. You can do the entire trip in five to seven days, depending on how long you want to spend in each area.

If Scotland isn’t for you, head to Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way. This trip is a little longer at 1600 miles – it’s actually one of the longest-defined coastal routes in the whole world. It winds along the west coast of Ireland, reaching from the Inishowen Peninsula to Cork County. There are ancient monuments, magical coastal views and plenty of beaches to visit along the way. Most people do the trip in 1 to 2 weeks, so you can enjoy each stop and have a rest from driving.

How to prepare for your trip

Before you set out on a road trip, you need to prepare your car or motorhome for the journey. Plan your route and outline where you will stay each night, whether it’s in your motorhome or in a hotels. You will need to book your accommodation, especially in peak seasons when campsites fill up quickly.

Make sure you take out motorhome insurance and get an MOT if you’re using your own, or you can rent one. You also need to have all the activities and places you want to see planned out so you don’t miss anything.

Make a plan for your UK road trip in 2024 and explore a new area of the country you haven’t seen before.

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