Hidden Gems: Uncovering Unique Travel Destinations Around the World

Uncover some of the most unique travel destinations around the world here, and break free of the mould.


Travelling the world has scientifically proven benefits for your health and happiness. People simply can’t keep up with the bustling everyday of their lives without respite – especially in the workplace, where your productivity will tank without a regular holiday away – and if you want to avoid chronic stress, there’s no better cure than travel.

With that said, travel can be as tiring as daily life if you always visit the same destinations and hotels. Not to worry, though. This article provides a solution! Uncover some of the most unique travel destinations around the world here, and break free of the mould.

  1. Sweden

Sweden is the pioneer of ice hotel holidays, and is one of the most unique travel destinations around the world as a result! Painstakingly carved out of natural ice from the Torne River – one of Sweden’s last untouched waters – the original ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi will surely provide you with an experience unlike any other. This is a destination that changes each year, often based on a different theme, and that includes additional features like an adorable husky sledge and snowmobile safari.

Of course, the cold isn’t for everyone – if you’d prefer to keep warm, consider travelling to Örebro castle in Sweden instead, another unique spot that is as beautiful as it is intimidating. Here, there is always a historical exhibition to learn from, or a festive activity to enjoy!

  1. Azerbaijan

Straddling the boundary between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan – in comparison to the nearby holiday hotspots of Turkey or Armenia – is an underrated and unique holiday destination!

Throughout Azerbaijan, visitors can travel to distinct landscapes, like the sprawling sand dunes of Shah Dili at Absheron National Park, or the infamous mud volcanoes of Yanar Dag and Gobustan.

Baku is also a must-see, as the largest city in Azerbaijan, and the wealthiest. The Baku Boulevard is the best example of this, filled with impressive examples of ultra-modern architecture running parallel to the seafront.

  1. Chile

Atacama Dessert PixabayDo you like a challenge when you travel? In that case, we highly recommend visiting the singular destination of Chile’s Atacama Desert. This isn’t a vacation for the faint-hearted, though!

The Atacama Desert is otherworldly, and stands as the driest place on Earth. In fact, the Atacama Desert is the only true desert to receive less precipitation than its polar counterparts.

As you adventure through this trying landscape, you will see sights like salt lakes and felsic lava – and, if you’re lucky, dense fog, too. There are several hotels and hostels in the town of San Pedro de Atacama to get your travels off to a good start.

  1. Lichtenstein

For the traveller with a quirky taste in holiday destinations, Lichtenstein is our recommendation. You may never have heard of Lichtenstein before – after all, it is the world’s sixth-smallest sovereign state by area.

Yet, bordering Switzerland and Austria, Lichtenstein is a stunning and unique travel destination. It is doubly landlocked, and boasts the finest rolling mountains, verdant valleys, and farmland out there.

Lichtenstein is an undeniably picturesque country with historical architecture, a royal family – who even maintain a regal wine cellar in the capital Vaduz! – and some amazing natural wonders, such as the winding Eschnerberg Trail, which is sure to please any avid hikers.

  1. North Macedonia

Tucked away in Southeast Europe, North Macedonia isn’t a travel destination that most tourists favour – which, in our expert opinion, is a great shame!

North Macedonia offers various gorgeous sights, and a rich and complex history besides, which makes for a trip that is as unique as it is interesting.

Activities to consider during your travels in North Macedonia include exploring ancient monasteries – like the quaint medieval monastery of Saint Naum, situated along beautiful Lake Ohrid – and the wonderfully ‘out-there’ capital of Skopje. The latter boasts quite the eclectic mix of Ottoman architecture and ultra-sleek sculptures and artworks.

  1. Bhutan

Bhutan PixabayThe last unique travel destination on our list is the culturally rich and visually beautiful Bhutan. Nestled in the Himalayas, Bhutan has strict restrictions on tourism (for good reason!), but this also makes it one of the most unique travel spots we’ve mentioned.

Tourism is so strictly regulated here, largely because Bhutan prides itself on being a sanctuary – more than 70% forested, the very first carbon-negative country in the world, and with a religious background that has distinguished Bhutan as a spiritual retreat and wellness hotspot.

While you are here, consider dining on the national dish of Bhutan, Ema Datchi, which is a mouthwateringly good chilli cheese stew! The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is also a must-visit, as are the traditional festivals, known as tshechu.

There you have it – a rundown of just some of our precious planet’s most fascinating and unusual travel destinations. Which ones are most capturing your eye – and firing your imagination?

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