Ireland Tourist Visa from the US

What are the Eligibility Requirements for the Ireland Tourist Visa?


US citizens who are travelling to Ireland for up to 90 days do not need a Tourist Visa. However, US Green Card holders are required to secure a visa prior to their travel.

This means they need to be familiar with the application process, from eligibility requirements to processing times.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for the Ireland Tourist Visa?

To qualify for the Irish Tourist Visa as a US citizen, applicants must:

  • Have sufficient funds to support themselves financially during their trip
  • Be ready to provide details of any previous Irish visa applications
  • Possess a valid passport (with at least 6 months of validity remaining)
  • Have ties to the United States that compel them to return after visiting Ireland
  • Offer details of any relatives who are current residents of Ireland or another EU country
  • Prove that their trip will be for tourist or short-term educational purposes

Application forms will only be accepted if they are signed by the applicant. If the applicant is under 18, the form can be signed by one of their parents. Immigration Service Delivery (IDS) also requires parents to give consent for their children to travel to Ireland.

What is the Application Process for the Tourist Visa?

To apply for the Ireland Tourist Visa, US citizens can head to the AVATS online portal and fill in the relevant information in the ‘Short Stay’ visa section. The form will ask the candidate for their reason for travel, at which point they should select ‘Visit Tourist’.

When all of the requested information has been filled in, the candidate will receive a visa application transaction number. It’s advised to keep a note of this number as it will be needed for the later stages of the application process.

Finally, the application summary sheets need to be printed, signed and dated by the candidate. Completed forms can be sent to the visa office that is referenced on the form. This may be the office in Dublin, an office in an Irish Embassy or Consulate, or an international office.

What Supporting Documents are Required for the Ireland Tourist Visa From USA?

The Department of Justice and Equality has different requirements for applicants in unique situations. However, they also have a minimum list of obligatory supporting documents that everyone must provide, which is:

  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Application summary sheet (which must be printed, signed and dated)
  • Evidence of ties to the US
  • Statement promising to not become a burden on the Irish state
  • Detailed explanation of the intent to visit Ireland
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the Ireland trip
  • Irish accommodation details (with a letter of invitation, if applicable)

Any documents that are not written in English or Irish must be submitted with official translations. This must be arranged independently, as IDS does not offer a translation service.

Photocopies of documents will not be accepted by IDS as all supporting documents must be original.

What Do I Need to Include in My Irish Tourist Visa Application Letters?

Everyone who applies for this type of tourist visa must submit a letter of application. Some candidates will also have to provide a letter of invitation.

It’s vital to include all requested information in each of these letters. Incomplete letters are a common cause of Irish Tourist Visa rejection.

Fortunately, immigration solicitors are experts in supporting documents, so they help clients gather all of the required documents ready for application submission.

Letter of application

This is an opportunity for US citizens to demonstrate their willingness to abide by Irish law and their intentions for visiting the country.

If the applicant is visiting someone in Ireland, they must discuss this in the letter, along with the names and addresses of the people they are visiting.

The letter of application must also include promises to:

  • Not become a burden on the Irish State (including relying on public services)
  • Obey all visa conditions in full
  • Return to the US before the Tourist Visa expires

Letter of invitation

This letter is only required for individuals who are going to be staying with someone they know in Ireland.

Ultimately, IDS wants to know how these people know each other, why the Irish resident has invited the US national to visit, and when the trip is going to be taking place.

Just like in the letter of application, the candidate must make promises to abide by the conditions of the visa, leave Ireland before the visa expiry date, and not burden the Irish State.

This letter should be submitted with a colour copy of the applicant’s passport or national identity card, as well as a copy of the current immigration stamp in their passport and their Irish Resident Permit.

What is the Cost of the Irish Tourist Visa?

It costs €60 to get a standard Irish Tourist Visa. If more than one journey is planned, the fee will be €100.

This payment is non-refundable, so it’s important to get the application right the first time.

Applicants who are exempt from Ireland Tourist Visa fees include:

  • Programme Refugees
  • Nationals of Irish Short Stay Visa Waiver Programme countries with long-term legal residence in the UK
  • Holders of diplomatic, service, and official passports
  • US citizens with a dual nationality that makes them exempt (e.g., Kosovan, Peruvian, Ugandan, Bosnian, Indonesian, Serbian, Tunisian, Jamaican or North Macedonian)
  • Some family members of Irish citizens (spouses, widows/widowers and children)
  • Beneficiaries of Directive 2004/38/EC

What is the Processing Time for Tourist Visa Applications?

Most Ireland Tourist Visa applications from the United States take up to 2 months to process. It’s important to apply for the visa in advance of the trip; otherwise, it may not be approved in time.

Support for the Ireland Tourist Visa Application

Immigration lawyers support many US candidates with the Irish Tourist Visa application.

When a lawyer is involved, there is no uncertainty surrounding the rules and regulations of the visa, which means candidates can fill out the form as accurately as possible. This lowers the risk of rejection significantly.

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