Should You Take a Road Trip During the Winter? 5 Pros and 5 Cons to Consider

Delve into a balanced look at the 5 pros and cons to consider on a road trip during winter before setting out on your adventure.


Are you toying with the idea of hitting the road in the middle of winter wonderland? Taking a US road trip during the colder months is a fun thought, offering a blend of stunning snowy vistas and cozy, quiet nights. However, it’s not without its drawbacks. Think icy roads and shorter days. 

Whether you’re chasing snug fireside evenings or fretting over frosty challenges, let’s delve into a balanced look at the 5 pros and cons to consider before setting out on your adventure.

The 5 Pros and 5 Cons of Road Tripping in the Winter

Considering a winter road trip? It’s important to weigh the unique advantages and challenges this season presents. Here are 5 pros and cons to consider before you set off on your journey. 

Pro 1: Scenic Beauty 

Embarking on a winter road trip offers the unique opportunity to witness landscapes transformed by snow. The views you’ll encounter are unlike any other season—frosted forests and pristine white fields stretch out, turning ordinary routes into a magical winter wonderland. 

Con 1: Driving Hazards 

Slippery roads and reduced visibility can make driving stressful and dangerous, even more so if not prepared with ways to drive safer. And if a normally warm place like Texas suddenly has icy conditions, you really have to watch the road, as drivers are going to make more mistakes. 

Pro 2: Fewer Crowds

Opting for a road trip during this time often means dodging the typical crowds of tourists. You can enjoy famous landmarks and attractions in relative solitude, which makes for a calm and more personal travel experience—something invaluable that summer trips usually can’t offer.

Con 2: Cold Weather Challenges

Your vehicle must brave potential technical troubles in the winter, such as frozen fuel lines or dead batteries. Remember that you’re also at the mercy of the elements outside your car, and a breakdown in freezing temperatures can quickly escalate from inconvenience to danger.

Pro 3: Winter Activities

Snow-covered slopes invite you to ski or snowboard, while frozen lakes become perfect rinks for ice skating or serene spots for ice fishing. These activities can’t be enjoyed to their fullest in any other season, making winter travel incredibly special for adventure and sports enthusiasts.

Con 3: Limited Daylight Hours

As days grow shorter in winter, so do your daylight driving hours. This can cause problems with visibility and increase the risks associated with night-time driving on icy or unknown roads. You’ll need to plan carefully to make the most of the sunlight, ensuring safety and a great journey.

Pro 4: Off-Season Rates

Traveling during winter often means enjoying off-season discounts. You’ll find that many hotels and attractions reduce their rates, allowing you to save money or splurge on other aspects of your trip. The colder months almost always provide a more budget-friendly travel experience.

Con 4: Unexpected Road Closures

You could face abrupt interruptions due to sudden road closures. These are often caused by severe weather conditions that can make roads impassable. Such changes require you to reroute or pause your journey entirely, causing delays or increasing the chance of getting lost.

Pro 5: Cozy Experience

There’s something undeniably cozy about winter travel. After a day navigating wintry roads, you can unwind in the warmth of a snug cabin or hotel room. Share stories over steaming cups of hot chocolate and enjoy the intimate, peaceful atmosphere that only chillier weather can bring.

Con 5: Health Risks

While cold weather doesn’t cause colds, it will mean that people will spend more time indoors, swapping their germs. If you choose to road trip in the winter, we recommend protecting yourself. Consider wearing a mask, using nasal spray, and washing your hands thoroughly. 

In Conclusion… 

As you’ve seen, winter road trips can be as rewarding as they are challenging. If the spellbinding allure of snow-laden landscapes and quiet, crowd-free attractions calls to you, don’t let the cold deter your spirit of adventure. If you embrace the season and prepare thoroughly for potential setbacks, you’ll discover the unique joys only found on a winter journey. 

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