Popular Choices and Emerging Trends in Australian Crypto Casinos

We survey Australia’s crypto casino surge, some popular game choices, and some emerging trends in the space. 


Crypto is currently the talk of the Australian online casino town. If you’re looking to explore these streets, there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Join this voyage as we survey Australia’s crypto casino surge, some popular game choices, and some emerging trends in the space. 

Rising Popularity of Crypto Casinos in Australia

Gambling has been a significant part of Australian culture for centuries. Combining this with the fact that 25.6% of Aussies own and use various types of cryptocurrency shows why crypto casinos are a massive hit in the Great Southern Land. 

The allure of secure and transparent transactions is one of the major driving forces for Aussies. Crypto casinos communicate significant trust levels that are consistent with global trends. In addition, many Australian crypto casinos offer anonymous gambling experiences, larger bonuses, faster withdrawals, lesser withdrawal fees, and many provably fair games (source: https://www.bitcoincasinos.com/au/).

Many tourists looking to explore Australia may have their sights set on the lively pub culture, which fuses perfectly with traditional gambling experiences. However, the surge of crypto casinos in Australia is a positive indicator for a different and possibly better experience. It’s always better to widen your horizons and try new things. 

Keep that in mind when planning that trip to Australia. 

Popular Choices of Crypto Casino Games in Australia

Like most online casino games, crypto casino games produce fair outcomes using a Random Number Generator (RNG). However, in addition, crypto casino games also employ a seeding and hashing technology that facilitates individual verification for most users. These technologies are in play in most of these crypto casino games listed below:

Crypto Dice 

Different Australian crypto casinos have variations of the popular online dice game. They introduce different rules that modify the gameplay, and players have their favorites. 

For instance, craps and live dealer crypto dice titles allow players to place side bets. Likewise, some Australian players also enjoy playing Sic BO. This version of dice games gives players the flexibility to think up more dice combinations. 

Crypto Online Roulette

Being a classic crowd favorite among Australian gamblers, many Australian crypto casinos partner with top-notch gaming providers to offer a diverse library of roulette crypto games. Each of these guarantees excellent rewards while delivering attractive and engaging gaming interfaces. 

After placing a wager, the goal is to guess what slot number the ball will fall on accurately. Players get to place a number of inside bets, such as straight up, line, split, etc., as well as outside bets, like columns, dozens, etc. 


Aviator is a popular adrenaline-pumping crypto casino crash game among Aussies. The game takes players on a virtual flight that multiplies their initial bets progressively as the flight soars. However, players must decide to cash out their winnings before the plane crashes, as they will be left with nothing should the plane crash before they do. Nonetheless, the higher the plane flies, the higher the multiplier and, consequently, the higher the potential winnings. 

How high the plane flies is determined by a randomly set height coefficient, which varies between 1 and 1 million. The Provably Fair technology in which the game is based ensures the draws are 100% fair, thus resulting in a 97% RTP. 


Similar to Aviator, players try to grab the jackpot before it detonates as they watch the blimp fly across the screen. Zeppelin offers players an awesome multiplayer iGaming experience characterized by chatting and real-time statistics for informed decision-making. 

When the betting window opens, you’re allowed to place a maximum of two bets. Once the bets are in, the Zeppelin takes off, and the coefficient appears on the screen while increasing as the Zeppelin rises as well. That multiplier could potentially rise to infinity, thus increasing a player’s earning potential. Ozzies love that!

Other popular game choices include crypto versions of traditional casino games like poker and slots and many other crypto crash games like Jetx, Spaceman, and NFT Aviatrix. 

Emerging Trends in Australian Crypto Casinos

If you’ve decided to explore Australia’s crypto casino scene, here are some new patterns and developments that are becoming the norm in Australian crypto casinos. Keep them in mind. 

Bitcoin Soars in Popularity

Many Australian gamblers love to gamble with Bitcoin. 

Possible reasons for this preference include Bitcoin’s longevity and stability. Having remained resilient in the face of market volatility, technological evolution, and regulatory upheavals, both players and crypto casinos have developed a stronger sense of trust in its usage.  So, you might want to get some BTC while exploring Australian crypto casinos. 

Incorporation of Gamification Elements

Casino games aside, most crypto casinos are delivering a more interesting overall experience. Being in the casino itself is becoming a gaming adventure itself as incentives like loyalty programs, missions, and interactive challenges are being used to drive player engagement. 

So, when you’re not playing a particular game, you may be earning rewards, following an interesting narrative, or completing a mission. This incorporation of gaming elements into non-gaming contexts is known as gamification, and it is on the rise in Australian crypto casinos. 

Popularization of Live Dealer Games

As part of the efforts by crypto casinos to bridge the gap between player convenience and traditional authenticity, live dealer titles are being increasingly popularized. And that’s why live dealer dice games and crypto online roulette are some of the popular game choices in Australia. 

Professional dealers, croupiers, and other human game facilitators stream games from live locations, and players join from different locations, all while placing wagers with their favorite cryptocurrencies. 

Mobile Takes Precedence

Consistent with global online gaming trends, Australian crypto casinos are building for mobile first. 

This trend is, of course, influenced by the fact that most players access casino games from their mobile devices. In response, crypto casinos are prioritizing mobile casino apps, mobile-friendly web apps, and exclusive mobile-focused promotions and bonuses. 

Heightened Security Awareness

As a counteractive measure to the rising cyber crime rate in online gaming, Australian crypto casinos are implementing robust security measures across all platforms. These involve next-level encryption techniques, compulsory biometrics authentication, decentralized storage solutions, etc. 

Nonetheless, being security conscious when exploring the Australian crypto casino industry is best practice. 

NFT Adoption

Lastly, Australian crypto casinos are leveraging NFTs in Pokemon-style games at an impressive rate. We are seeing developments of virtual worlds where players can train, build, and battle digital characters. NFT adoption in crypto casinos is only an emerging reality, and Australia is already testing the limits of possibilities. 


Forget Vegas! Australia might be the hottest spot for crypto casino games right now!  

With popular game choices like Crypto Dice and Aviator delivering premium experiences, some impressive trends are beginning to surface. 

Bitcoin’s rising adoption creates a stable environment for gamification of non-gaming contexts. Likewise, live dealer titles are stealing the headlines for their immersive experiences on mobile devices, especially. Yet, Australian crypto casinos are not taking security for granted. Consequently, NFT adoption can steadily gain more traction because users can be sure their high-value characters are safe. 

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