Soneva Secret Is A Private Island With Floating Villa

Recently opened Soneva Secret is a private island that may once again change the dynamics of luxury escapes.


Soneva Fushi has been an extraordinary island that transformed tourism in the Maldives. Recently opened Soneva Secret is a private island that may once again change the dynamics of luxury escapes. It is a private island with just 14 villas on the entire island and lagoon. This makes Soneva Secret one of the most exclusive hotels in the country. This island paradise is located in a remote area in Haa Dhaalu Atoll, near local island of Makunudhoo.

Getting there is most conveniently when fly your private jet to Maafaru International Airport (ICAO Code: VRDA) and take luxury seaplane charter direct to Soneva Secret. Seaplane would take about 25 minutes from Maafaru. You can also combine the stay with Soneva Jani that is just 15 from Maafaru airport. This would be perfect if you are planning to stay for 2 weeks.  Secret island is a remote area within the country. Even through it is included as part of Haa Dhaalu Atoll it is geographically situated in its own atoll. As of its opening in 2024 this is the only resort in that area. The long and narrow island is situated on a 4 kilometre long lagoon. The natural atoll is well known for its rich marine lives including lobsters, octopuses, eels, eagle rays and sting rays. One of the Google Maps show something that appears as school manta rays off the house reef.

Soneva Secret

Unlike regular resorts the private villas in Soneva Secret comes with dedicated chef to cook meals directly in the villa. Yes, the villa comes with its own kitchen. This means you don’t have to leave privacy of your villa for meals. Visiting restaurants on each mealtime makes you exposed for other guests around, this breaks your privacy. If you are a well known celebrity it may cause other guests noticing you and paying attention for your movements, your dining preferences and other aspects. That can distract you from enjoying a stress-free holiday without makeups. So, having a private chef to book every meal in your own villa is certainly an advantage for privacy-oriented tourists. Having dedicated chef also be beneficial if you have strict dietary preferences such as taking only vegan foods or you are allergic some ingredients like peanut.

The high privacy islands overs different room categories including beach villa, water villa and floating villa. These are duplex bungalows that have most facilities located in the ground floor, the upper deck usually contains a dining sala. Some of the rooms come with retractable roof which is ideal for star gazing or enjoying natural lights in the evening. If you are staying during the full moon period it be a wonderful experience to have the roof compartment open at night to let the glowing moonlight reach directly to your bed and have some candles lit, no artificial lighting in the vicinity. Such a nomadic experience could be a lifetime memory, in the world’s most romantic destination.

Soneva Secret

Named as Castaway Villa, this is the first floating water bungalow in the Maldives. There is only 1 unit of category and it is build with technology to resist wave movements and sea currents. However you may feel minor movements, that should be taken as a positive note as such slight movements often make you feel living overwater. A complete stationary villa built over fixed pillars may be more stationary, perhaps less feel of being living overwater. Soneva is well known for using nature-inspired building materials and that is no different at Secret. Most of the exterior and interior features rustic wooden texture, including the roofing material which is known as shingles.

For families with children who admire overwater lifestyle the ideal choice of accommodation is Crusoe Reserve with 2 bedrooms. Well positioned to witness mesmerising views of the lagoon, this is a luxury abode with several useful amenities provided directly in the villa. Children can take part in online classes in the study area located within the master bedroom. The private gym, TV lounge and outdoor deck gives you options to enjoy without getting bored. The dining area is located in the first floor, you can launch the water slide from there and plunge off the private pool. This is a massive villa that measures 1108 sqm in size while it accommodates 2 adults and maximum of 4 children. Price is about $16600 per night during the Winter. If you want a big discount you can plan for summer. Some Maldives resorts drop more than 50% during summer period.

Soneva Secret

Guests who prefer beach villas as the preferred choice of accommodation the Soneva Secret private island offers multiple options starting with the Beach Hideaway that can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. This villa is mostly considered a 1 bedroom accommodation, but there is an addition room tucked behind the master bedroom, that is the place for children. So, the Beach Hideaway is ideal for couples as well as small families. The private swimming pool faces beach side as it is the norm in Maldives luxury resorts. Sun lounging can be done by the pool or beach. There is a sunken lounge that add little extra refinement to already attractive private villa.

Soneva Secret price ranges from $8000 to $17000 per night. This is not a resort for middle class citizens or even the rich people. This is for ultra rich tourists who seek extra privacy and freedom their money can buy. Regular tourists don’t pay for empty space around your villa, they are not concerned of other tourists paying attention to you. High profile people, often businessmen, consider these factors and they have to pay for these while regular tourists don’t have to be concerned of any such factors. In rare cases, some guests even have to pay for private security while enjoying honeymoon in the Maldives. Security is usually not a concern, even for Hollywood stars. For example, Paris Hilton stayed at the Private Overwater Residence in Velaa Private Island. She was doing Instagram and tagging the resort location while do that. So, her followers were aware where she was at that time. However, revealing the location is not something advisable for high profile guests.

Having just 14 villas in the entire island opens up the possibility of renting the island exclusively for private party or celebration. Once upon a time the King of Saudi Arabia visited Maldives and there 3 islands exclusively booked for his stay. Ithaafushi and Four Seasons Voavah are islands that are well known for exclusive reservation. If you are planning to reserve Soneva Secret exclusive you should plan it way in advance to stand a chance. Otherwise there may be guests who have booked villas during the period you want to rent the island. So, it is always easy to handle such cases when you plan ahead. An estimated price to book this island exclusively would be about a million dollar per week.

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