How to Stay Connected When Travelling

Let's find out how new technologies help you stay in touch while travelling.


Travelling is a very common hobby for many people. When we travel, we marvel at the beauty of new cities and countries, learn new cultures, and try new cuisines. When travelling frequently, we want to stay connected, share our impressions with friends, tell our family and friends about new places, keep social networks and get the latest news. To maintain social mobility, each of us needs to stay connected while travelling. But how can you do it if you will be in another country and roaming costs are prohibitive? That’s what we’re going to tell you today! 

There are many options to stay connected while travelling. For example, connecting roaming, but roaming can be very expensive, because you will use communication at the tariffs of your mobile operator. There is another option – it is a connection of a local SIM card. This option is undoubtedly cheaper than roaming, but, unfortunately, not all countries have the opportunity to buy a local SIM card without documents of the country of stay. There is a third option, it is a connection of a virtual SIM card. This option is much cheaper than roaming and can be connected in just a couple of minutes. Today, let’s have a look at how you can connect travel esim and what their advantages are. 

What is esim?

Esim or virtual sim card is a chip that is embedded in the device. It records information about the SIM card. You can store up to 5 sim cards on one chip, you can also overwrite the information or add new sim cards to the chip. To manage esim you need to download the mobile app. In the mobile application you can connect and pay for a sim card, add additional services to the tariff. 

Advantages of connecting a virtual sim card while travelling:

  • Esim cost

Connecting Esim is cheaper as compared to buying a physical sim card of another country.  Some travellers purchase roaming services to use abroad, but this feature is also very expensive. Virtual sim cards will cost you several times cheaper, while maintaining the same usage options. Also, you don’t have to activate a virtual sim card for each new country, you can choose a sim card package with a set of countries and use the sim card seamlessly in different countries. 

  • Easy to connect

Connecting a virtual sim card is quick and easy. To start using your virtual card, you just need to activate it in a specialised application. You don’t need to go to the office of your mobile operator, and the SIM card can be activated when you arrive in another country, having previously installed it on your smartphone. Setting up a new SIM card takes only about five minutes. 

  • Versatility

Esim is the perfect option for travelling. After all, when planning trips to different countries, you can activate a tariff that covers several countries. If your journey is not limited to one country, you can activate a SIM card for several countries or even a continent on the operator’s website. With a virtual SIM card, you can set up a destination country number before travelling and simply switch to a virtual number when you arrive in another country. 

  • Reliability and security

Esim is impossible to lose or break. The virtual sim card is embedded in your device, it is impossible to get it out, respectively it is impossible to steal it. Also, due to frequent opening of the word sim card may be damaged, but since the virtual sim card is not removed, it is also impossible to damage it. 

  • Easy to use

With esim all numbers are on one sim card, as the virtual sim card chip can store up to 5 numbers at the same time. You can use cards from different carriers and connect sim cards for different countries. To switch numbers, you just need to switch the number in the mobile app. 

Having sorted out the benefits of virtual sim cards, let’s have a look at a few operators that help you connect a virtual card. 

  1. At the top of our list is a virtual sim card from eSIM plus. This service is one of the most popular esim connection operators. At eSIM plus, virtual numbers from more than 120 countries are available for purchase. The tariffs vary from the features included in the virtual sim card. For example, a tariff to use a sim card across Europe for a week with 500MB of data will cost you €14. A monthly tariff with 10GB of data would cost €174. With a virtual SIM card from this operator, you can make and receive calls abroad, as well as use gigabytes of mobile internet.

  2. The second place is occupied by Orange Flex. This is a Polish telecom provider that has become very popular and has spread all over Europe. With Orange Flex, you can buy both a physical SIM card and connect a virtual SIM card in the mobile application. Prices for tariffs vary depending on the gigabytes of internet in the package. Call and sms services are included and are basic. Prices start at $2 and end at $12 for 10 GB of mobile internet. Orange Flex also has a division into SIM cards for use in Europe and in other countries of the world.

  3. On the third place is Airalo service, which provides services in more than 200 countries, also there are tariffs that can operate not only in one particular country, but also on a certain continent. With Airalo you will not be able to get such service as making calls, but you can use only mobile internet. The cost of tariff plans is different and depends on the country, set of countries, included gigabytes of mobile internet and days of SIM card usage. To use a SIM card in Europe for a week with 1 GB of data, you will have to pay $5, and a tariff for 180 days with 100 GB of data included will cost $185.

To summarise, a virtual SIM card for travelling is an innovative option for keeping in touch abroad that is popular with travellers around the world. The advantages of a virtual SIM card are many, ranging from cost to ease of connection. Also, as you can see, there are a lot of options of mobile operators, so you can easily choose the one that suits your needs.

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