Thailand Is One of the Top Choices for a Vacation

What Exactly Makes People Want to Visit Thailand?


Thailand’s Appeal 

People travel for the thrill and excitement, but what do you think makes them thrilled and excited? Several questions but one answer. It is the discovery of something new, something foreign, the human’s need to discover, explore and learn new things. Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia, and like most countries of this region, they have a firm grasp on their history, their heritage and their culture. Their scenic landscape that captures attention is also a plus but getting to learn about Thailand’s rich history and culture is one thing that is recommended as a visitor and it promises to be captivating. 

As a top tourist destination, Thailand gets many visitors every year so much that the demand for comfortable property for sale in Thailand has been increasing for a while now, making a good spot for real estate investment recently. Every one might come for different purposes but ultimately you would have to experience the bustling city streets, markets and nightlife of the cities, the glittering temples, the serene and tranquil beaches, and the really pleasant air of the tropical jungles. 

Thailand Offers You Something

Thailand is not just one of the top tourist destinations for nothing, you have lots of attractions and activities to witness. You can participate in any of their local events and festivals, explore the bustling streets, go island hopping, or immerse yourself in the cultural splendor of the country. Thailand offers a one-of-a-kind mix of different experiences. The architecture from the iconic pagodas and ancient temples are a thing of marvel. They show history for those who are willing to listen and they prove that evolution has happened all the way till the present.

Another point of interest is the diversity of Thailand’s religion, language, and ethnicity. There are many Buddhist temples in the country, yet you can still find vibrant communities of other religions and faiths. Also, with a multitude of languages, dialects, and ethnic groups coexisting harmoniously, visitors will find it fascinating living among them. If you are very specific about where you want to stay though, you can use a trustworthy real estate aggregator like Thailand-Real.Estate to secure a comfortable property for yourself anywhere in Thailand.

Recommendations for Activities in Thailand

For travelers, these places are a must-see even at least once. These activities range from architectural marvels that show the grandness of Thailand’s heritage and culture, to the innovation of tech in the country and a night market for visitors to go all out and enjoy themselves.

  1. Wat Phra Chetuphon: Thailand has no lack of temples and the Wat Phra Chetuphon; Wat Pho, is one of the most respected and important temples in Bangkok. It is situated a few distance across the Grand Palace and is mostly appreciated for its architecture and a pretty big collection of Buddha images. The most important sight to see in Way Pho is the famous reclining Buddha; a really big statue of the Buddha lying down. Wat Pho is also popular for being Thailand’s first public university that teaches Thai medicine, massage methods and healing practices. Even today, you can experience these massages in Wat Pho.
  2. The Grand Palace: The Grand Palace was erected to serve as abode for the kings of Siam; now known as Thailand. The palace still stands today as an iconic symbol for the country and its proud history, showing off the architectural brilliance of the people of Thailand. You can find a lot of halls, courtyards and gardens there and at the center is the Phra Maha Monthien Buildings, which served as the residence of the king and his royal family. The place is also surrounded by a lot of other temples, so visitors can explore freely. A little advice, this place is still well revered among the locals, so visitors should mind their etiquette while going around. It is recommended that you do a little research on their dos’ and don’ts’
  3. Chatuchak Weekend Market: Witness the bustling scenes of Chatuchak Weekend Market. This market is one of the largest and most lively day markets in the world. It covers about 35 acres of land and has more than 8 thousand stalls. Chatuchak is not just a market, it is a full cultural experience and you’ll realize it when you actually see the place. The market only opens on weekends and offers an unforgettable market experience for visitors looking to explore Thai’s culture, and craftsmanship. You can find intricately made Thai clothing, accessories, handicrafts, home decors, souvenirs and even antiques on display. Most of the antiques are only for display though, but you never know, you might be lucky and get your hands on one. Foreigners enjoy navigating through the maze-like alleys and exploring each section of Chatuchak.
  4. Temple Of Dawn (Wat Arun): Wat Arun is another site of extreme cultural significance to the Thais. It is located in Bangkok and it is well known for the Khmer-style tower that shines with the sunlight. There is a particular tower that is over 70 meters tall and around it are four smaller towers, this is the main attraction of Wat Arun, and each one of these towers represent different Hindu gods. Visitors can climb that tall tower, the view from the topmost floor oversees the city, the Chao Phraya river and gives a breathtaking experience.
  5. BTS Skytrain: The full meaning of BTS here is Bangkok Mass Transit System, and it is an important transportation system in the city. The city that is notorious for all the hustling and bustling and of course intense traffic. The BTS Skytrain serves as a convenient and efficient mode to move around and avoid the Bangkok road traffic. The trains are equipped with air conditioning, comfortable seating, and designated areas for passengers with special needs.
  6. Green Elephant Sanctuary Park: Did you know? Thailand was called the land of white elephants some long time ago? However, it was a long time ago when white elephants were sacred in Thai. Thailand is now commonly known as the “Land of Smiles” but still retains a lot of their heritage. The Green Elephant Sanctuary Park is a very popular attraction in Chiang Mai. The sanctuary is utterly dedicated to elephant welfare. They provide sanctuary to elephants, and give visitors opportunities to observe and interact with these majestic creatures in a responsible way, while also monitoring them to prevent unforeseen incidents.
  7. Bangla Road: A pretty normal empty street during the day, but with massive transformation at night. Bangla Road is a place worthy of mention because of its very lively nightlife scene. You can find bars, nightclubs, restaurants and many entertainment venues. If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Thailand at least once, then you need to come to this place, the experience is a whole new level. The place is quiet during the day, just a normal street and almost empty except for a few passersby, however it turns into a lively scene at night and you might even wonder if it was the same place.

Explore the Beauty of Thailand

The beauty of Thailand definitely lies in the culture and heritage, from their ancient temples, to the new ones, all have a level of significance to Thai people. For people staying around Bangkok, you might want to skip the traffic and get on the BTS train instead, it is more efficient and convenient to move around this way actually. The elephant sanctuary also gives you opportunities to interact with these creatures so if you have always wanted to interact with one, now’s your chance to have fun. Lastly, do not forget to visit the night market at Bangla road, you’ll definitely be left in awe.

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