6 Things To Do In Los Angeles While Visiting The First Time

Check out this elaborate list of things you should try on your first trip to Los Angeles


There is no holiday better than the one spent in Los Angeles. The paradise of entertainment, history, and culture welcomes travellers from corners of the world. People with multiple interests could find something to do and take home unforgettable memories.

Visiting La La Land for the first time is an exceptional adventure. One can expect many unique experiences in Los Angeles. There are tons of things to see, explore, and absorb with your first step in the city. You might even get overwhelmed with the endless list of things to do.

Don’t panic! Check out this elaborate list of things you should try on your first trip to Los Angeles. It will assist you in creating an itinerary for a wonderful vacation.

Facts To Know About Los Angeles

As a traveller, it is essential to know about the city you are about to visit. So, let’s talk about the basic information of Los Angeles.

  • Los Angeles has an area of 503 square miles. It is the second-largest city in the United States of America.
  • The city is broken into several neighbourhoods with unique attributes and personalities.
  • The most preferred mode of transportation in the city is by car. Travellers can rent cars or book tours in Los Angeles.
  • The best time to visit Los Angeles is during the summer. Also, September – November is a popular time to tour LA.

LA Essentials While Visiting For The First Time

The city of Angels is always warm and hospitable to visitors. This list of places you must visit while visiting the city of Los Angeles for the first time.

1.    Hike To Mount Hollywood

The home of the iconic Hollywood sign, Mount Hollywood offers panoramic views of the city. Hike up to the top with beautiful trails. Capture gorgeous selfies from the top of the hill. The expert guide on your tour of Los Angeles will tell you exciting stories about the locations.

2.    Stroll At Santa Monica Pier

Los Angeles is known for its sunkissed beaches — but nothing matches the beauty of Santa Monica. This exquisite beach is accompanied by an amusement park. Enjoy fun activities like shopping at novelty shops, eating fair treats and going on adventure rides. Also, witness the massive Ferris Wheel on the Pacific Coastline.

3.    Spend The Day At Universal Studios

Theme parks are a crucial part of the best tours in Los Angeles. Visit Universal Studios to get up close with the world of entertainment. Explore the pop-culture-inspired rides and spaces around the park. Visit movie sets and best-selling movie sculptures to enjoy your time here.

4.    Tour Celebrity Homes

Los Angeles is the haven of glitz and glamour. Spot the homes of celebrities in one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods of Hollywood. If you are lucky – one might get a glimpse of a celebrity of two. The best Los Angeles Tours offer you drive through the gated communities.

5.    Observe The Sky At Griffith Observatory

An iconic LA spot is the Griffith Observatory and Park. Gaze through the sky and take in the panoramic views of Los Angeles. The giant telescope will enable you to enjoy stargazing. Explore the beautiful spots like the planetarium, Greek Theatre and hiking trails around the sprawling park.

6.    Admire The Beauty of LACMA

Get captivated by marvellous art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Get incredible pictures in the evening at the 200 light poles installation right outside the museum. Also, enjoy jazz on Friday night by up-and-coming musicians here.


Los Angeles is the place to be for amazing new experiences. Revel in the glamorous, artistic and remarkable spots of the city. Get the best LA tours with Classic Experiences. Visit our website now!

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