Elevate Your Cycling Experience: The Addmotor Soletan M-66X Ebike with Full Suspension

Let’s delve deep into the details and understand how the Soletan M-66X electric bike can redefine your rides


Do you want to elevate the comfort of your cycling experience with a cutting-edge twist of the latest technology? The Addmotor Soletan M-66X adult electric bike is the best choice and solution for your riding needs. 

This electric bike is prepared with a full suspension system to offer a smooth and comfortable riding experience to cyclists. In the article below, we’ll explore the most innovative features of this adult electric bike, from its sturdy construction to power abilities and enhanced comfort.

Let’s delve deep into the details and understand how the Soletan M-66X electric bike can redefine your rides. 

Key Features of Soletan M-66X Adult Electric Bike:

Addmotor has equipped the Soletan M-66X e-bike with numerous unique and innovative features. Some key design and power features of this electric bike are described below for your understanding. 

Retro Moped Styled Look:

The M-66x features a retro moped-style 1970s look inspired by the iconic M-66 R7 cruiser. This look adds a vintage charm to the appearance with classic design elements such as white lines decoration on tires. The aesthetic appearance makes the bike a more stylish and fun way of commuting, incorporated with advanced features to offer a unique riding experience. Moreover, it features a well-packed soft banana seat to ensure comfortable and relaxed sitting.

Step-Through Frame:

The frame is crafted with 6061 alloy aluminum material to offer versatility and strength across various terrains. The step-through design facilitates the riders with easy mounting and dismounting. This frame is crafted to perfectly tackle your urban street commuting and off-road journeys with increased confidence and ease. You can enjoy reliable commuting on all terrains on this robust ebike.

Advanced Rear-Mounted Motor:

The M-66X cruiser e-bike is equipped with a brushless rear-mounted 48V * 750W Bafang motor. This motor produces 80Nm torque for smooth and seamless operation of the bike. The rear hub installation of the motor offers improved stability and balance to ensure controlled rides. Now, you can conquer challenging terrains and long distances with confidence and robust power assistance.

Latest High-Capacity Battery:

The high-capacity 20Ah battery of the M-66X electric bike boasts the title of being the world’s first UL-certified battery. The battery ensures quick and convenient power delivery for long hours and can cover 105+ miles per charge on PAS1. It takes 8-10 hours to fully charge with a standard 5-pin 2A charger. This battery is rated for 1000-1500 chagrin cycles to ensure longevity and extended lifespan. 

Chip-Type Micro Controller:

Addmotor has installed the upgraded 25A chip-type controller in this adult electric bike to streamline different circuits. This advanced controller enhances efficiency and reliability with a swift transfer rate and optimal performance. With this upgraded controller, you can enjoy precise control, responsiveness, and accuracy over various functions during rides. 

Multi-Function Display:

The M-66X cruiser is installed with the PAS 7 upgraded multifunction display for accurate performance tracking. This display keeps you informed and offers real-time data on your bike’s performance at your fingertips. It displays a comprehensive overview of important riding metrics including speed, motor output, PAS level, battery status, and turning indicators. 

Full Suspension System:

The full suspension system of this electric bike features Addshox spring forks to ensure smooth and reliable performance. It offers relaxed riding by effectively absorbing bumps and shocks on all terrains with its triple clamp and robust 32.5mm steel stanchions. Furthermore, the preload adjustment provides personalized tuning according to the rider’s preferences. This suspension system delivers optimal wheel strength and alignment with its 135mm hub spacing. 

Triple Layer Durable Tires:

The Soletan M-66X adult electric bike is fitted with multi-layer durable 20 X 4 inches tires. These tires ensure puncture resistance with their triple-layer construction including an inner tube, inner tube cover, and outer hard layer. You can confidently tackle all types of terrains with these fat tires without worrying about flats and griping issues. 

EB 2.0 Lighting System:

To increase safety and visibility during rides, this e-bike is installed with an EB 2.0 lighting system. The system includes a front headlight of 40 lumens power and a multi-function UL-certified rear light. The rear light offers 5in1 functionality with built-in turning indicators, a flashlight, a riding light, a danger light, and a brake light. This comprehensive lighting system not only illuminates your front path but also keeps you visible to the surrounding traffic.

Pedal Assistance With Throttle:

The M-66X electric bike enhances your cruising experience with its half-twist throttle and 7-level PAS system. You can tailor every ride among these 7 levels of pedal assistance according to your preference and riding conditions. The PAS system also features a speed sensor to ensure responsive and smooth power delivery. The half-twist throttle system enables effortless acceleration while tackling incline steeps and tough terrains. 

Brake System:

The Soletan electric bicycle features a renowned Tektro Aries brake system to deliver reliable stopping power. It includes a four-finger brake lever, 180mm brake rotors, and a power cut-off switch. This brake system increases safety by automatically cutting off motor power during braking. 


The Soletan M-66X adult electric bike is upgraded with a U-shaped curved handlebar for effortless handling. You can adjust the height and angle of the handlebar according to your ease and comfort. This enhances the overall riding experience by offering a relaxed and comfortable riding position.

Pedals and Shifter:

The pedals and gear shifter of this cruiser electric bicycle are designed to offer maximum durability and performance. The Wellgo alloy pedals enhance grip and stability on each pedaling stroke. Meanwhile, the SHIMANO right thumb shifter ensures smooth and immediate gear shifting.


In conclusion, the Soletan M-66X adult electric bike is a comprehensive package of performance, safety, and style. It maintains the 1970s retro look with a step-through frame and eye-catching design including decorated lines on tires. 

Addmotor has equipped this electric bike with a Bafang 750W motor, Samsung 20Ah battery, triple-layer tires, and chip-type control to offer improved power assistance. The bike boasts a full suspension system to minimize the disturbance of bumps and shocks on the road effectively. Overall, this bike is a perfect match for all those looking for a stylish, and powerful riding partner with increased comfort and performance. 

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