Lake Louise Insider’s Guide: Local Tips for Summer Fun

Here, we will walk you through the tips that you can follow this summer to enjoy the activities in Lake Louise

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Let’s be honest: Lake Louise is the jewel of Canada, or we would say all of North America. It is a beautiful destination that raises the bar of the beauty quotient of the Canadian Rockies. No wonder this iconic spot is popularly known for its snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear lakes; there is much more that goes beyond the beauty of Lake Louise. Here, we will walk you through the tips that you can follow this summer to enjoy the activities in Lake Louise and make some of the best travel memories. 


One of the most popular activities in Lake Louise in summers is hiking. There are more than 12 incredible trails here that start with the shores of Lake Louise. The best way to experience some of them is to plan a stay at a nearby resort like Ski Louise where you will get all the packages for most loved summer activities like sightseeing gondola, wildlife viewing and hiking. There are endless opportunities for hiking at Lake Louise in summers. 

For instance – Beehive Trail, Mount Fairview and Mount St. Piran, Lake Louise Lakeshore trail and the list goes on. It can’t be more true to say that you can experience world class hiking here and ensure that you do at least one hike before you go back to your homes from this place. 


Lake Louise

The next summer tip is to never miss out on taking a ride on the Lake Louise Gondola and witness the breathtaking mountains and scenic beauty. The Gondola is a real hidden gem in Alberta and is definitely worth your money. You are taken to the scenic ride to the top of Mount Whitehorn where you see the panoramic views of the alpine meadows and the lake below. 

Do you know the other season to hop onto the ride? Well, if you are a wildlife lover, then hear me out. It is a fantastic way to spot some Grizzly Bears. Right under the lift line of the Banff National Park is a great place to see them. In July, the clear slopes have beautiful dandelions where you can spot Grizzly bears munching on their favorite snack (Dandelions). The best time for a ride in the Gondola is in the morning or the evening. Because nobody likes to hang out in the sweltering sun, not even bears. 

Rent bikes

To explore Lake Louise in the best manner, take the bikes or e-bikes on rent. It is an excellent advice that is not only true for exploring Lake Louise area, but also Moraine lake area or the Bow Valley Parkway. Get along the Bow Valley Parkway, called as the iconic spot to see the trains come through. Do some exercise and get some fresh air here and then proceed. 

Talking about e-bikes is like adding a whole new dimension to your trip experience. Both the Fairmont and Wilcox Sport can take you down in the village to rent electric bikes. If you have seen how hilly the area of Lake Louise is, you must be knowing the amount of thrill e-bikes can add to your experience. With bike rentals available for everyone, you can explore the place at your own pace and even consider trying your hands on an uphill journey to Moraine Lake. 


Who doesn’t want to experience the famous red canoes floating on the glassy waters of Lake Louise? Well, here is your next tip and activity to do this summer when you are in Lake Louise and want to do something exciting: Paddle across the alpine lake in a Canadian Canoe. The best time to do this is in June, July, and August when the lake appears even bluer. 

You can take canoe rentals and paddle up to the base of the Victoria Glacier, where you can mesmerize yourself with the beauty of towering ice walls and listen to the echoes of cracking ice. 

Whitewater rafting 

Get your inner adventurous personality out by indulging into whitewater rafting. You can experience that in the rafting tours close to the Banff on the Kicking Horse River. There are many rafting tours less than an hour’s drive away from Lake Louise. You can choose the level of rafting you want to do starting from mild rapids to challenging expeditions. The rafting season goes on from mid-May to mid-September. 

Decide to join a guided rafting tour and paddle your way through exhilarating rapids and deep canyons. Having experienced guides by your side helps you relax and enjoy while taking in the stunning scenery of the Canadian Rockies.

To make a long story short 

Now that you have made up your mind to visit Lake Louise this summer, you are going right. Because there isn’t any place more beautiful than Lake Louise when the sun is scorchingly shining brighter than the blue lake. So get ready to experience the beauty of Lake Louise with the tips and activities as mentioned above.

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